Why I Can’t Get Going Today…..An Apology Letter to Exercise

Dear Exercise,

I am sorry it’s been so long since we last met. Friday was an amazing day in which we spent a brief but effective workout HIITing it in my upstairs while watching my children tear up the room. Saturday we had planned to spend the day apart, but I cheated on you with physical activity and my husband. We went hiking at Lake Norman and it was lovely. Sunday was our next scheduled date, but I chose CookOut over you. Sometimes in life we are presented with choices for which we know the right option and still choose poorly. I am sorry to you and my body. The Oreo shake I slurped made me wish I had gone for a run instead. Then it started….the female problems…and I sat in a car for almost 5 hours while my hips told me the same….the run was greatly missed.

Monday was supposed to be our day at the park, but with Ike vomiting and Brittany canceling and the major cramping, we just couldn’t make it work. Then came the rain. I should have made time for you on Monday between trips to the laundromat. Tuesday seemed promising in the morning; I had every intention of squeezing in a run after Little Explorers, but I didn’t have the stroller with me and the showers started. So, we spent yet another day apart. Sure there were the three yoga classes I taught that day, but it just wasn’t the same. Those classes were someone else’s workout….not ours.

Here we are now at Wednesday and it’s late afternoon. The kids are asleep and I am thinking of only you. It’s been a low energy kind of week for me and the motivation has gone with the energy. I have eaten all of my Easter candy and watched too much tv. The rain has come and gone off and on today, so I wonder……should I pack up the boys when they awake and head outdoors? Will you punish me for what I’ve skipped or reward me for the effort? These are the kinds of questions we all ask when getting through these lapses, but just know that whichever you choose to deliver that I’m not breaking up with you. I miss you and love you and will always come back to you Exercise!

Yours Forever,