HIIT Day Two: Power or Precision

It’s late on a Monday night and I’m burning cds for teaching yoga in the morning. My right hip and knee have been giving me trouble of late and I’m wondering how that will impact my teaching tomorrow. The good news is that I teach and that’s all I’m asking my body to do tomorrow. Today was my second day of HIIT training this month. I had my regular Monday walk/run with my friend Brittany and it went well considering the children and the alligator sighting.

Then I came home and got right to my HIIT. I chose to do one that was based on strength training this time around as I had already done 4.13 miles of walking and running. Neither the walk nor the run was up to my usual par, so this sample workout that I found from ACE wasn’t about to push me over the edge, but would still get my heart rate back up from the lower end it was at earlier. You can find the workout here: Maximize HIIT With Metabolic Strength Conditioning.

I was a little confused by the wording of the workout itself and I am emphasizing that I’m just trying HIIT out this month to see if it’s something I plan to add to my future workouts as a regular thing. I did each of the exercises as written, but as I don’t own hand weights….I improvised. Mostly I used body weight for the lower weighted exercise and then used something around the house for the heavier weighted round. I waited about 2 minutes between each pairing, but I think I should have waited the two to three minutes before performing all three pairs again. I chose only to do one round for today.

So, what did I like about this vs. the RBT I did last time? Well, this time I set a timer and I didn’t know when it was going to stop. For me that was more motivation to keep going. The last time it was nice to just start pushing all out and then rest when I needed to, but I never knew how long I had gone for. I also liked that the exercises changed with time instead of just a number of repetitions and that there was built in rest. Again, I like to know when to stop and go.

What did I not like about this workout? Well, as a trained and degreed fitness professional, I’ve always been taught to do exercises with precision and correct form. For me this meant that the strength exercises (first two in each pair) were done a lot slower than what I imagine a HIIT workout to be like. That being said, I know that if I’d had the proper weights around they would have been more intense than they were.

The verdict? I loved this workout and it’s simplicity. I definitely will be doing it the next time I’m in a weight room and haven’t already done another workout in the same day. I’d like to see if I could reasonably “hiit” three rounds.

Have you ever focused on strength during your HIIT workouts?
Do you like rest based or time based intervals?
Any alligators in your neighborhood?