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Hey, check your calendar…April is about to end and that means that it’s almost Mother’s Day! I have to admit that I get more and more excited about this day each year that my kids are getting older.

Last year they surprised me with some new things for growing (a fig tree that is barely making it at the moment and a plantar box for the back deck which we are hopefully tearing down later this year).

My boys are very sweet and they are total mama’s boys at this age in life. In honor of them and the funny things they do, I thought I’d share with you a few funny things….in my opinion, as well as a few of my favorite parent related posts of late.

A Bit of Kid Humor
My oldest son is a crack up! He is 4 and just says the most stinkin cute things to me lately. First there are the names he calls us. I remember that when my oldest nephew was younger he’d call my brother a silly hotdog and I love how creative they get with their limited vocabulary. Lately my husband has been “Chuggington Turner On-er” and I am “Stinky Cheese Hippo”. I honestly don’t take offense to being called a hippo because my 4 year old doesn’t associate the term hippo with being large, heavy, or fat. It’s just an animal that he wanted to call his mom to see what her reaction would be….I laughed.

He’s also become more aware of his surroundings. During Easter weekend we were at my in-laws and I saw a commercial for Asheville, NC. When we first met, my husband lived in Asheville. I turned to our 9 year old niece and said, “Have you ever been to Asheville? Your Uncle Mike used to live there.” She never went. My son then chimes in with, “Well, I used to live in there!” as he points to my stomach. We all cracked up and assured him that he was correct in his recounting of events.

We moved a year ago and have since then talked a lot about if we’ll stay in this “new house” forever. Some days his outlook is that he never wants to leave and other days he’s ready to move now. We talked about where we might want to live and both decided that we’d like to live somewhere that there are mountains with snow on top. He asked which states have those and I listed a few. California was on the list and this was his response: “Let’s move to California so I can see Wheel of Fortune.” He’s quite perceptive if I do say so myself.

He also recently learned his first knock knock joke…
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Someone too small to reach the doorbell.

I taught him that one because it was short enough for him to memorize the whole thing. My mom and sister didn’t get it because they said it needed more. HE’S 4! At least he waits for the punch line!

And because I don’t want to forget the little guy. The way he says his new favorite word cracks me up!

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What will you be doing in 2 weeks?
Favorite Mother’s Day memory?
What kid joke should I teach my 4 yo next?

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