HIIT Day Three: HIIT Me Baby, One More Time

It can’t be May already! I feel like I just posted about April showers, but here it is and there are the roses in my front flower gardens this morning. When I moved in a year ago they were just laying on the ground. I added a trellis for them and now they’re flourishing. I’m still working on filling in all of my flower boxes, flower beds, and gardens. It’s a process that I’ll be talking about more on Tuesday when we get the fifth part of the 2015 Fitness Challenge.

Today I want to talk more about HIIT and why I skipped my workout on Thursday.

Quitting Before HIITing
Last month I chose to try three different HIIT workouts on three different days of the month: the 10th, 20th, and 30th of April. Here you can read about my first and second HIIT workouts. Last week, however, I subbed for four extra fitness classes on top of the other four that I teach weekly. This caused some upset in my regular training program and I opted to nix a lot of my running and walking for the week. This was also in part to the pain I was feeling; reminiscent of the piriformis syndrome that I suffered once before. I just wanted to rest, but was still determined to fit in my third HIIT workout. However, when Thursday came around, my pain and fatigue got the better of me. I taught yoga Thursday morning and then rested during the afternoon when the kids rested. I had Pilates that night and when I got home my body was so HUNGRY!

I chose a few days of recovery before attempting anything again. Friday morning I got up early and started packing for a short trip out of town. I went to see my sister graduate from college. It’s been a long time coming and 5.5 years ago she came to visit me in North Carolina for a few weeks to get a break from life and never left. She graduated with honors and plans to go to graduate school in the spring. I’m so incredibly proud of her! I also got to see my mom! Because she lives in Iowa I see her so rarely and it’s been since January. However, I get to see her again in 11 days for a trip home to Iowa for my youngest brother’s graduation from college. My other brother and my cousin were also there and my boys loved having time joking around with their uncle.

My body also loved the chance to just NOT DO ANYTHING!

Back at It
After our trip Friday-Saturday, my body was ready again. It was three days into May already and I was feeling kind of lazy at that point. So, Sunday I went out for the HIIT workout described here. I chose to use part of my 1.5 mile route so that I didn’t end up too far from home with a lot to run back after the intervals. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten faster and only had room for 3 of the 1 minute intervals. Actually, I should say, THANKFULLY I only had room for the three intervals. They were harder than I expected!

I was worried during the almost 10 minute warm-up run that I was going too fast. This is something that I really have trouble with….pacing myself. I was happy to find out that the 3 intervals were almost 45 sec/mile faster than the warm-up, but I was begging for the end of the 10 second sprint on all three. The 30 seconds at “slow” didn’t feel long enough. However, my form felt great and I am happy to report that I do not hurt today as I feared I might. I cooled down a bit, drank some water, and was able to fit in my resistance training exercises or some version of them in my back yard. I was fairly satisfied with the total workout.

One thing I would have changed? Performed this workout on a track. Note that it states you CANNOT do it on a treadmill to perform it correctly. Treadmills set the pace for you and the best way to get faster is to push yourself faster….not as a treadmill to do it for you.

HIIT it again?
So, after the three different workouts, the one I loved the most was the second one. I liked the idea of resistance training and getting my heart rate up at the same time. I will definitely use this when I travel as I think that that’s where it fits into my life the best. However, overall I like my standard training routine more than the HIIT workouts for the life I lead at the moment. I see the benefit of each of these and I see myself using HIIT training more in the future when I head back into competing. Races just aren’t on my radar at the moment and for general fitness I don’t feel the need to HIIT it regularly.

How you HIIT
If you’re thinking about trying out HIIT training or if you’re alredy doing it, I highly suggest reading this article:

5 Common Myths About High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Tell me about your HIIT experience.

What is keeping you from trying it?