TOLT: Let Down by the Ice Cream Truck

My oldest son has been working on a reading program that I mentioned here and has been doing really well. We (read my husband) promised him that he could get an ice cream from the ice cream truck when he’d finished 10 lessons, which was a totally unnecessary reward for two reasons. First, there are 100 lessons, so 10 is nothing in the long scheme of things. Second, he loves the reading program, so I feel like that should have been reward enough. Then again, I’m totally intrinsically motivated and love that happy feeling of accomplishment and want my children and everyone else to feel that too.

Either way, the 10th lesson was completed yesterday and what do you think happened? The ice cream truck didn’t show! So, instead of having a very cute little photo op of my son’s first encounter with the ice cream truck for you today, I decided to dump some random photos I’ve been meaning to write about. Enjoy! And Thank You to Amanda for hosting another edition of


Is anyone else psyched that Jellies are back?! Found these babies at Rack Room Shoes in Myrtle Beach.


A beautiful trail hike followed by a beautiful moment with my hubby. Our trip to Lake Norman State Park just outside of Statesville.


Also on that trip I found the most beautiful set of what I use as kitchen cloths at TJ Maxx. Perfect for looking wonderful while cleaning off your children’s sticky fingers after a meal. They’re also the colors that I hope to put into the title back splash when we get around to redoing the kitchen.


A bowl full of brown rice Krispies and flax seeds…topped off with Almond Breeze. Yum! Thanks Sarrah for the amazing amount of flax you have provided me for the next two years. Hopefully I will eat it all!


And Hardee’s….I do not frequent your establishments, but could you please teach your employees to spell? El Diabld is not a type of Thickburger that anyone wants to eat.
Have you been let down by the Ice Cream Man before?
What random photos do you have lurking on your cell phone?
Would you please fund my kitchen renovation?

2 thoughts on “TOLT: Let Down by the Ice Cream Truck

  1. Jellies?! I had no idea, but I remember rocking those suckers all the time when I was little! The pink and purple ones were my go-to. With sparkles, naturally 😉 And my phone is about 90% food, 2% selfies, and 8% random things that I come across while I'm out. Like abandoned shoes. And the goo that gets tossed on my car when I'm going through the carwash lol.


  2. We always had the clear ones growing up. They were our spring and summer church shoes and my mom would make us wear tights with them. Then leggings became fashionable. It's the perfect excuse for some retro colored nail polish!


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