I’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’

To those of you who write blogs and hold jobs and have kids…..have you ever just needed a break from life to enjoy life?

I’ve decided to take that break for a little bit. It all started Mother’s Day weekend when a Disney princess ruined my plans and interfered with my training. Yes, I’m talking about you Tropical Storm Ana! Since that weekend things have been off with me and my training. My travel plans have been so rigorous and tiring that I have just barely squeezed in the required every 3rd day…..as long as it wasn’t pouring down rain or I wasn’t attempting to catch up on sleep.

Sometimes when I fall so far behind on a project I feel the need to just flat out quit it. I’m trying really hard right now not to. We all go through phases like this in our life where something we once loved and dove head first into just starts to wane in emotion. Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, a fad of some sort. But for me fitness is none of the three. It’s both a career and my lifestyle.

However, for this month, I’m giving myself a pass. A pass to not meet all of my fitness goals this month. I tried and with 5 days left, I will come up short. I’m okay with that. In my lifestyle is also my practice of yoga. And yoga is a practice of acceptance. I accept the following:

  • My life is only so much in my own hands to control
  • Not everything in life should be controlled
  • Perfectionism is not the same thing as happiness
  • It’s okay to fail
  • Being a fitness professional does not mean that I’m not human and don’t face the same challenges that all of my clients do and will

So, because I have loved writing this blog, I still love my workouts, and I’m just in a temporary overload due to everything coming up in my life this week, I will take a little longer on this break and be back soon.

In the mean time…..I need your help in deciding where to send my hair.

Right after a run and right before I chopped it .

While I was in Iowa I chopped it off…..13 inches! I decided it was time for two reasons. Number one: my hair is very thick and with the length of my hair it was starting to become difficult to teach and run and with summer approaching it just made the most sense. 

Number two: because I like to do things for charitable causes and I’m not in the financial position to be giving a lot right now. I’d love to weed out my wardrobe and hand some things down to those who are less fortunate than myself, but I’m not in a position to be buying new clothes at this time. All I really have to give is my time my energy… and my hair. 

So today I’m going to post a reader poll. I know most of you click over here from Amanda and Running With Spoons and you’re probably not regular readers of my blog or maybe you are but haven’t yet subscribed, but either way, today I’d like your input. I tend to go back and forth between donating my hair, I’ve done this twice before, once to Locks of Love and once to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Both take hair that is in great condition hasn’t been colored too much and doesn’t have too much gray. They take the hair and turn it into wigs for those who need them. Hair is something for me that is not a big priority to have. I don’t use my hair to make a fashion statement etcetera, so I don’t mind chopping it all off and donating it to someone else you could use it. It’s the least I could do and it makes me feel more yogi. I gave my last batch of hair to a friend’s sister who was going through a tough medical time.

The after…had to do the side shot to show it.

I write this blog to provide you all with lots of fitness information, but I also want to spread the word about yoga in the many benefits that it has in your life. One of the things that I’ve learned from practicing yoga over the last 11 years, is it it’s all about that connectedness to those around you. This is one tiny way that I can feel closer to others, share my humanity, and just make myself an all around better person.

So, in the comments below I asked you to vote Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, Children with Hair Loss, or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Namaste and I’ll be back!