Back to Basics

Did anyone else miss National Running Day yesterday?  I feel like I’m the only one…..

Either way, this a short post. I’ve decided to take my blog more seriously.  I read a really great post recently by Erin at Erin’s Inside Job that hit me at my heart.  Since that time (for non related reasons) I have been struggling to keep all my balls in the air.  As I’ve said before, I’m not Superwoman.

Therefore two things are happening.

1. I am taking the summer off. I have a lot of travel and work planned for these next three months and it could be the last summer with Ike before he enters school.  So, you may see the occasional post here and there,  and probably some commenting, but for the most part…..consider me on vacation.

2. I’m moving the blog.  At the end of the summer I plan to be fully self hosted and reassembled as a real, independent, and consistent blog.  I hope that this time off will give me the time to achieve the many goals I have for this blog.  The site will remain the same for now and you won’t lose access to any of the content you’ve enjoyed thus far.

I’m taking the summer to reconnect with my yoga practice, my training, catch up on reading, prepare for teaching this fall, and spend some more outdoor time with the family. I promise to return with our adventures and so much more!

Until then, thanks for stopping by and see you in September!

Thanks as always to Amanda for hosting!

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