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Hello all! I’m sitting in my hotel room in Dunkirk, NY on one of my traveling weekends and I really miss my kids! When I’m away from them I have serious FOMO feelings. I mean, look at them over there when we went to the railroad museum this last week. Wouldn’t you just want to be with them always?!

This is one of the reasons that I decided to continue staying home with the kids as they grew. I will eventually return to the work world full time, but for now my adventures in travel and work are enough for me to sustain my thirst for a career while also satisfying my need to be close to my boys. This weekend they are at their grandparents’ house and having a lot of pool time. As a swimmer and swim coach, I really want to be the one to teach them how to swim. However, in a pool on the driveway, I know I can loosen up and feel secure that they’re not going to become champions without me.

So, I thought I’d share a few mom thoughts that have been on my mind of late to get me out of my funk. Plus, it’s been awhile and soon I will be telling you about where the blog is moving and all kinds of exciting things in that regard.

Parenting that Annoys Me
As you know, I watch the TODAY show….or rather have it on in the morning when I’m attempting to get life together and out the door. One thing I do know though, is that I would never let my child be the dictator of our routine in the morning or otherwise. I did not like this segment I watched the other day where the woman said that toddlers are dictators. Here is one of those places that I will use the “Good for you; not for me” attitude. For me it’s about being in charge, but having fun with my kids. I don’t talk down to them, but they are not in charge. We call each other best friends, but I am not trying to be their best friend when they’re older and need me to set the boundaries. And I want to live a little! I let my kids run around the house and our fenced in backyard without hovering over them 24/7….because that’s what my mom did and now I’m an independent 34year old.

On the Flip Side
So, two weeks ago we were at the Children’s Museum in our town and this dad totally flipped out on his 5/6 year old kid for not participating in a science experiment. The kid was crying, the dad was threatening, and eventually he hauled him out of the room by his arm. Then, he brought the kid back in and just left him at the table crying. The kid was a mess and he was right next to my kid, so I couldn’t help but over hear his name. I tried to offer a statement of encouragement and reassurance. But, I didn’t do what I really wish I had done: Stand up for the kids.

Listen, I’m no parenting expert, but I do know that if you have to flip your lid, you do it in private. Kids don’t always cooperate and parents can’t be expected to keep it together all of the time. However, what I wanted to say was, I’m sorry that the two of you can’t get along right now, but can you take it somewhere else….You’re SCARING MY KID!

Like this…only not funny!

Ike and I talked about it later and he was “surprised”, but okay. It was really a missed opportunity on my part and it has haunted me ever since.

Not…No Excuses, But
Okay, so trying not to be judgmental, but really? This is Why Mom’s Can’t Work Out at Home I love Mommy Shorts, but I can’t get behind the support of this video. I know it’s a parody and I should probably just lighten up and go with it, but really? I’m not one of those Fitspo snobs, but really? I tend to lean more toward Caitlin’s perspective here, but really moms? There is no excuse for not putting your health first and taking the time to take care of yourself!

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Thank you Traci!
Like I just said, take care of yourself….but don’t play a martyr or feel guilty for doing so. I’ve done plenty of it to tell you that no one is worshiping your ability to sacrifice yourself for the good of your children’s ballet lessons. Also, did your parents do that for you? There’s something to be said for backing off and letting kids be kids from time to time and allowing you to be you….instead of just mom. Why are we so concerned with this “superwoman” image these days of the mom who does it all, but does nothing for herself?

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  1. I am going to 2 fitness classes a week at the community center. Signed up, paid, and obligated! I did skip one to see Magic Mike XXL, a girl has to have priorities!I do not miss my kids when they are away or I am away.I chose to stay at home so I don't miss any first moment and have complete control over their early education and nutrition and social guidance.


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