Getting Dirty and Other Happenings of July

It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything and I’ve also been remiss in reading other bloggers the last few weeks….why? Well, summer happened and I already told you I’d be taking a short hiatus in prep for my new launch on my own site. This is still coming and I’m holding firm to my September 1st date. But, I thought I’d take a few quick seconds to let you know about a few things that have been on my mind and my calendar last month.

July 3 – I ate steak…..I do not like steak, but I ate some bloody red steak at a friend’s house. Why? Because I don’t believe that others should have to cater to my taste preferences. I do, however, request that they don’t cook with mushrooms or peaches because I’m allergic to the former and my oldest to the later. Food issues can be weird with friends. I mean, they’re friends, so they should be okay with you saying “I don’t like that”, but on the other hand, if you choose not to eat something….don’t make everyone else suffer because of it. If I had a friend who was a vegan, I’d make sure there was one dish he/she could eat when they came over, but I’m not going to plan my whole menu to suit their chosen eating preferences and I don’t expect others to do that for me. I just eat what I like and leave the rest.

July 4 – My husband serenaded the neighborhood….and they loved it! He brought his guitar and amp downstairs and played the Star Spangled Banner Jimmy Hendrix style while our neighbors set off a mass of fireworks. It was totally impromptu and it was fabulous! Life should be like that sometimes….kind of spur of the moment and all falling in place.

July 10-12th – I traveled to Irving, NY for a workshop with the FANTASTIC people at Cattaraugus Community Center, part of the Seneca Indian Nation. They were so much fun to work with and I got to see Lake Erie for the first time in my life. However, as expected, I was delayed flying home, but still made it in on Sunday. While I was gone my hubby stayed home and sent the kiddos to his parents’ house for the weekend. This is when the infestation began…..

Our squash plant had started to droop and soon our pumpkins followed. My husband was sure they needed more water, so we watered more. However, it didn’t help. While I was gone he asked a neighbor with a great garden to come and check ours out. She said she thought we had squash bugs….she was kind of right. We had Squash Borers. EW!
My husband spent the whole weekend cutting these nasty grubs out of our plants and we eventually lost the whole squash plant and most of the pumpkins.
They are still on the rebound….

Recently we have had problems in our cucumbers and cantaloupe….you guessed it….more bugs! This time it is Pickle Worms. More ICK!

We went out and cut off everything that might have eggs on them and worms in them. I have been doing that every morning for weeks. This morning I went out to find my sweet potato leaves with holes all through them. Want to guess what nasty thing has hatched now? Flea Beetles. GROSS! I have since made my own garlic spray and hope that will get rid of them. My tomato plant from the store seems to be suffering from tomato wilt and our little pepper plant is coming back and currently has one pepper on it. But the surprise of the season has been the magic tomato plant that grew out of our compost bin. The one thing that’s doing well and we didn’t even plant it!

July 15-18th – We spent the weekend at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s “mansion” while I worked a race for RTE. Check out their schedule of events and come see me at one this fall! It was an unusually quiet weekend at their house as their kids and the hubby’s parents usually join us to make it a small family reunion for the summer. We lounged by the pool, ate way too much food, and got a little extra sun. Plus, the family FINALLY came to visit me at a race and that was the first time in over 5 years that I’ve been timing events. I worked a few other events in July for RTE and one was “rained out. Then, it was the end of the month before we knew it.

July 25th – We had friends over to celebrate hubby’s 37th birthday. It was a fun filled evening with burgers, pool time, and cookie cake. Normally I make all the birthday cakes for the family, but this man really loves a store bought cookie cake with frosting. So, the kids picked out one and had it decorated with a guitar and it read “Happy Birthday Daddy!” All the kids at the party helped him blow out his candles and then we devoured that chocolate chip madness.

July 28th – I gave my final for the summer session of Fit and Well for Life that I taught online. I also had to hear the words I dreaded from Sarah, our sitter…..she has class during the time that I will be teaching this fall and we will have to find a new person to watch the boys so I can work. Thus started our journey into finding our first nanny that wasn’t friend or family. More about that in my next post. (Look for it this coming Thursday over at Running With Spoons!)

But, now we’re mid August and I’ve got so much more to tell you about a lot of things, so expect the posts to start coming more regularly before we move over to the new page. My training has fallen off for the summer due to heat and scheduling and all around other things taking priority. But, life is changing all around me this month and I’ve got some exciting things up my sleeve for you! So, stay tuned!

What did you do this July?
Do you have certain food preferences and do you make other cater to you?
Have you had any gardening issues or are yours flourishing?
What’s your favorite birthday cake or are you a no cake kind of person?
Who watches your kids?


6 thoughts on “Getting Dirty and Other Happenings of July

  1. July?? That seemed like ages ago! I don't remember! I am trying to eat less carby stuff and no soy (my girls, too). I feel that if I am strict about that at home, one meal away from home can't do too much damage. We don't often eat away from home, so I don't make anyone cater to me or my family. In fact, when people say "what do you want to eat or will your girls eat …." I tell them to make whatever it is that they are going to make and my girls will or will not eat it and they have to be ok with that.No vegetable gardening issues. The giant tree that cost a fortune in the front yard may have to come down.My favorite birthday cake is Angel Food cake. My grandma made a frosting for it and I have yet to find her recipe or the right recipe…I'm still working on it. I just read a quote from Julia Child that said "A party with no cake is just a meeting." LOVE IT!I have a few regular babysitters for date nights and weekend stuff, but for doctor appointments or things that I need my kids watched for during the week, I have neighbors and friends that help out. Whew!


  2. Yay, I love updates! And EW on the bugs in the garden. Bugs are a pain!!! If it makes you feel better, my garden only got planted about 20%, and what I have is being eaten by deer who relentlessly get inside the fence to nibble on my strawberries' tiny handful of leaves. I have everything covered as much as possible with bird netting, but I ran out and my beets, raspberries and grapes are their targets now. I take the dog out at like 10 pm and midnight and we chase them out, and hope the neighbors don't see me out there with my flashlight in my robe, yelling like a crazy lady…


  3. Jeri,You do know that your brain and muscles run on carbohydrates and that they're in everything? Also, there is no proven benefit to reducing carbohydrates in your diet. You should have about 45-65% of your total calories each day should come from carbohydrates. Now, if you're talking about less sugar and refined grains….go for it! Why no soy?Was there a warranty on the tree? Why is it coming down? Our Thundercloud Plum is blooming again now that it's starting to cool off around here….and by cool off I mean no more heat indexes in the 110+ range. Still hot and humid as ever!


  4. We put a wire fence around our blueberries and blackberries, but only got one blackberry out of the whole bush. It has gone dormant on us. The blueberries were a treat for the kids though. Each night, while we were watering everything in the yard, we'd go over and pick off the ripe ones so they could eat them. I need to get some of the mesh garden blankets for next year. I will have to put them on each night and take them off each morning, but it's supposed to prevent all the moths from laying eggs which have caused all of these problems! If you were my neighbor I'd help you with the deer if you could help me with some cakes! 🙂


  5. Generally, the stuff high in carbs are also high in calories…bread, pasta, etc. I just try to not eat that for EVERY meal. My "Lose It!" app tracks everything I eat and the carb percentage is still up there, don't worry! Soy contains phytoestrogens and can throw off the hormonal balance in your body. I was tested and my ratio of estrogen to progesterone was WAY off balance. Too much estrogen. Also, too much estrogen has been linked to a higher risk of female type cancers and early puberty (cancer – too much history for that, puberty – trying to guard my girls). So, this is one way I am just trying to help. Not saying it's a cure all or that there aren't other factors…but it's just step 1.There was a warranty on the tree. We've had it for several years now. I don't know what's wrong with it yet, we have to see. We have a layer of clay under the top maybe foot of soil here, it's very hard on certain trees.


  6. Actually, carbohydrates only produce 4 calories per gram…the same as protein. Items high in fat have 9 calories per gram. I say this not to discount the changes you have chosen for your healthy eating plan, but because there is a lot of misinformation out there. The problem often associated with bread, pasta, etc is that people tend to eat far more than one serving and eat those which do not contain a whole grain. You miss out on the benefit of the fiber and bran when you process any grain which is really the only way to make bread and pasta. We should also note that not all phytoestrogens are linked to increased risk of female cancers. There are many different kinds from many different food sources. Their effect on the body is caused by many different factors including certain digestive enzymes that determine how it is broken down in the body. For example, Asian women traditionally have a lower risk of female cancers and osteoporosis and yet their diet is highly based on soy products. There's no one cure for all like you said.


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