Smells Like Team Spirit

I’m in Marion, NC for the weekend for another NETA workshop and luckily for me Fox is covering the Iowa State v. Iowa football game! You seriously cannot hear how giddy I am over this! The game was late to come on tv due to the Yankees v. Blue Jays game going into 11 innings, so I decided to head down to the ol’ fitness center and run on the treadmill (which I hate to do) and watch the game there. Just something to keep me from sitting in my room all night. I conquered 4.17 miles of running up to speeds of 7.5 mph. It was a good run. Check it out at MapMyRun!

So wish I were there! Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

However, while I was running my brain started thinking. ISU is My Team…in this game, but who is “My Team” in real life? You know that old saying, “It takes a village”? Well, I started considering all the ways that I depend on different people for different things. It’s kind of nice to know that I’m not alone in this big world and that I have go-to’s. On Sunday I wrote a little about Ahimsa and non-harming of myself so that I have enough to give to others. This week I have needed my teammates more than ever. Here is a little week in review:


Monday was the start of the walking group that I am leading as an inMotion coach for the local New Balance store. I plan to write a lot more about that and my new shoes in the future. Here I was gaining a whole new team in my life. So far it’s consisted of the three women signed up for the program and the two people who work full time at the store. Each of these people is bringing something new into my life and pushing me to be a better me. I feel like it’s a little piece of what I lost when I left the world of personal training and campus recreation. I am leading and creating a group training program while organizing special event sessions. I am a coach…that is my role on this team.


Back to my full day of yoga on Tuesday. Here I am part of several different teams. First there is the morning class of mostly retirees who are kind enough to share about themselves and ask many questions about my life and the practice of yoga. I feel like I can share with them about My Yoga Life. Here I am still the coach because I lead the sessions. I continue coaching as I move through my teams at CFCC and then into the night with more classes for the City of Wilmington. At each place I have a team manager who takes care of important business at the facility and the organization of the classes….I don’t have to do it all.

Also on Tuesday I have another team….on this team I am the team manager. It’s my family and we have a specifically coordinated schedule to run through that day. This is where Cote, our nanny, comes in. She is my Special Teams Coach. This Tuesday Ike had a little vomit incident in her car on the way to school. He missed school for the first time that day, but don’t worry, he wasn’t sick. She takes care of the most important part of my life for me when I’m not there and I have to rely on her to make the big decisions.


On Wednesday I took over with my home team again and we had dental appointments. Then there was tutoring that I do for my friend’s son. While I am his “tutor”, I count us more as teammates in this endeavor. I rely on him to provide me with the information about what he’s learning about and then also to give me the patience to remember how to do high school math 16 years later. The hubby and I also worked on some projects in the back and other than saying that we’re “co-owners” of the team, I can’t think of a better title for him. He is always there when I can’t be and supports my efforts to be the scheduler, financial officer, concessions and janitor.


It was back to yoga in the early morning and then home to get Ike off to school. Eli and I spent the morning at the park where I took charge of my own fitness coaching again and then to the dentist once more. I had a Skype call with Sam on Thursday afternoon. She is my team owner at NETA. She schedules my weekends, gives me assignments, and has the final say on my work. I like having her as my team owner because I feel like she brings positive coaching aspects to her responsibilities. She’s not overbearing and a micro-manager; instead she’s very respectful of others’ ideas and talents and what each member of our NETA team brings to the field. That evening I was back with my New Balance team setting the pace and leading them through more walks.


As I traveled yesterday for work, it required me calling in part of our second string: the Grandparents. The boys are spending their weekend at their house while I am here in Marion and the hubby is at home working on projects around the house that are hard to do with kids around.

Now I am here in my room after my run feeling blessed to have so many others on my team. In yoga we talk about being part of something bigger than ourselves and uniting as part of one big yoga community. Who is part of your team? What role do you hold on your team?

Well, my team just lost….so…..Deep Breath together!

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