TOLT #24 – How are you like your yoga?

It’s Thursday and we’re linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for one of her famous Thinking-Out-Loud2Tuesday  was another 7 hour yoga day and I had an hour of yoga and an hour of Pilates to tackle Wednesday night before another hour of yoga this morning and the New Balance inMotion group. I think I have finally settled on a design for this website and I hope that you find it to be user friendly because I’m not changing it for awhile….but back to the yoga. Teaching Tuesday brought to my attention two things:

  1. I am entirely too overscheduled and I need to learn to say NO….immediately!
  2. I think I have a major yoga crush on Rebecca Pacheco!

Okay, so first thing’s first….I was talking to my mother in-law and she flat out asked me, “Do you think you’ve taken on too much?” I hesitated in my response, but then, unwillingly admitted that YES, YES I HAVE! I also noted that I have a plan for changing what I’ve got going on and letting certain things fall away.

I mean…I’m not Superwoman!

What do I mean by this? Well, my teaching for the city goes in 10 week blocks, so the first thing to go will be teaching for them on Tuesday morning and evening. I’m going to cut one class all together and put the other on a different night.

Next up is my curriculum writing. I’m getting this stuff DONE already! And then, I am taking a break. I really want to get back the time I used to have reading and writing for myself and I need a good break from writing for someone else. I fully intend to pick it back up again soonish….but not for at least a few months. Then will come the inMotion group. That’s ending November 8th after the Battleship 5K and that means two nights a week back for me and my family.

Fourth item on the rearranged schedule is my traveling. I still plan to travel for NETA and for RTE, but I’m going to limit myself to one weekend a month for each…. MAXIMUM! And in January I’m only taking one weekend total so that I can fully enjoy my mom being here without a mad cleaning up session. And June I’m just not working at all so that I can enjoy my mom’s second trip to NC plus my anniversary. The one thing I’m not ditching or totally rearranging is teaching at CFCC. Why? Because the hours workout perfectly for our family (the middle of the day), but I’m going to work my schedule for the Spring even more. This is also where I want to head full time in the future. I want to teach at the college level once my kids are in school and I need to keep in that field the best that I can for now.

So, now that you know where I am at all times and can reasonably stalk me at your leisure…what’s this whole post really about? Well, the question in the title. For me, my yoga is my life. It’s not just the physical practice of stepping on to my mat, breathing, holding postures, meditating, or leading a group of others doing the same. It’s more than the yoga pants and the props and the music. For me, my yoga is a representation of who I am.

I was folding laundry yesterday while thinking deeper about this question. When asked Tuesday, many of my students gave insightful responses on the fly. Things like:

I am thoughtful like my yoga practice.

I am determined like my yoga practice.

I am patient like my yoga practice.

For me the response might be a little closer to what a few of my students said:

I am random like my yoga practice.

I might make that a little more like I am varied like my yoga practice. I spend lots of moments of my day trying to live more yoga. I try to be patient and determined, thoughtful and kind, mindful and flexible, strong and curious. I like the days that I step to the mat and take the time to ask….What is it that I need today? I also like the little moments where I choose to take a deep breath and let go of all that is holding me down….including the frustration with kids or life in general. I think a lot of people shy away from yoga because they look at it as one more thing to “do” each day, but really, it’s a way of living better for yourself and those around you.

Why do you or don’t you yoga? If you do, how are you like your yoga practice?

Thanks again to Amanda for letting me share a few deep breaths on her site!

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