TOLT#26 – Renewal

It doesn’t seem like November should be a time for renewal, but for me something happened this week that made it like New Year’s for my yoga and I. It was so simple, so trivial, so small… was just doing it! Crazy huh?

Well, I wrote last week that I have been out of the game a bit lately. In truth I haven’t done much of anything other than eat, sleep, and run myself ragged. It’s my own fault and I’ve owned up to this before. However, there came a moment where I knew it was over. It was 5:45am on Tuesday morning and my alarm went off. I seriously considered just laying there and pretending that I forgot to live my life that day, but the push (literally) came from my husband who is the world’s lightest sleeper. I rolled out of bed and I was off.

I wish I looked this serene when my alarm went off….or that I could sleep to 7!

The night before I was supposed to have the walking group at New Balance, but, despite the amazing speaker I had lined up (thanks Kim from Fuel Factor!), only one participant showed and we didn’t even walk. So, it added one more day to my inactivity run that I had going. Then came Tuesday morning.

I got ready and out the door with a little more hesitation. When I arrived at the Boxing Center to teach, I was nervous. It had been pretty much two weeks since I had been there and I knew I wanted to take it easy on myself, but it’s always someone else’s practice when you teach. Luckily for me, they had no requests…so deep restorative stretching it was!

This is how I felt going into classes that day.

The same ensued in my two classes on campus, but something more happened there.

We talked about chakras, and specifically the third chakra. It’s what they’re studying in the second half of the semester. The third chakra is your power chakra, where you make your decisions about what you stand for in life, your ethics. We talked about how an underuse of this power can reflect as someone who always plays the martyr or doormat. We discussed how an overuse of this power is the person who is always argumentative, confrontational, and on the defense. We specifically identified at least one of these people in the media right now. But the discussions my students have had this semester are deep. They make me reexamine myself and my balance in life. They renew my commitment to the practice. They push me deeper into my yoga life.

So, this week I had a renewal of faith of sorts. Faith in myself and my lifestyle. Faith in my journey to live a more yoga me. And, because I find that I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie still….I LOVED waking up Wednesday morning sore from what I’d done! I was back at it this morning and I have another class tonight. I am going to be teaching more yoga in the spring and that will bring new challenges to my practice. I occasionally complain that all it seems I am known for these days is my yoga, but honestly, it’s just who I am….that one girl breathing in the front of a classroom, asking you to inhale the good and exhale the bad with me.

What in your life could use a little renewal?

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