The Metal Element

“Metal correlates to autumn, a time to begin turning inward.” ~Eating With the Seasons by Teri Mosey; IDEA Fitness Journal Jan. 2015

I’ve written a few other times this year about eating with the seasons and this article from January’s IDEA Fitness Journal. (You can find my other posts linked below.) I hadn’t had a chance to cover the fall foods yet, and for those of you who’ve read my posts in the past, you know how much I love fall foods! So far this fall we’ve had our 2nd annual chili cookout and I’ve been making pumpkin everything! I actually plan on making chili at least once a month now through the end of the winter season. But, I’m also feeling like a shift is coming in my eating patterns all together.

My goal for 2015 was to see myself as stronger by the end of the year. I’m really starting to believe that I can accomplish anything….again. One of the things that I’m looking forward to in the new year is taking better control of my health through food. I haven’t been “scared off” by the recent reports about bacon and other pork products causing cancer. Instead, it has reaffirmed my belief in “everything in moderation”. Also, I’m not that into pork products and never have been. I’ve really tried, for my family, but I’m more of a sausage once in awhile kind of gal and the occasional pork chop when I can’t think of anything else to make.

So, I really loved the quote at the start of the section on fall eating. It spoke to me on many levels. I am a fall baby (sorry I still haven’t gotten around to posting about my birthday), and it’s also one of my favorite times of year. Who doesn’t love the crisp air, college football, and the changing of the leaves? And the food that comes with fall is the best….think Thanksgiving!

This article mentions the dryness that comes with fall and foods that have a moistening quality including: tempeh, barley, millet, mushrooms, almonds, cooked pears, beets, carrots, daikon, parsnips, squash, yams, and soups and stews. It recommends pungent flavors and smells to clear the sinuses, like peppermint, radishes, watercress, turnips, garlic, onion, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, and scallions. These things remind me of some of my favorite recipes that I’ve shared before and have also linked here. I also love that it says this is a time of, “opposing emotions of courage and grief.” I encourage you all to take time to turn inward, cultivate your strength, let go of your sorrow, nourish your body, and enjoy the gifts of fall!


Simple Simon: Soup and Chili

Appreciation for Smarties

Simple Simon: Menus of Greatness

IGE: Kale and Butternut Squash Penne

IGE: Smoked Sausage, Kale, Apple Cider, Quinoa Skillet

I added butternut squash to mine and used a grain blend from HT Traders that included Red Quinoa, Green Lentils, Barley, and Brown Rice.
I added butternut squash to mine and used a grain blend from HT Traders that included Red Quinoa, Green Lentils, Barley, and Brown Rice.

WV Mountain Mama: Venison Barley Soup

Weelicious: Black Eyed Peas (I combined this one with the next recipe)

FS: Hoopin’ John with Venison

What is your favorite fall food?


2 thoughts on “The Metal Element

  1. I’m with you on the pumpkin everything! Soup, pie, casseroles, all the deliciousness. As it gets colder, my body craves foods that have a “warm” feeling to them, like soups, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots. And then in the summer, I eat a lot of salads, yogurt, lemon… So interesting how we naturally eat with the seasons if we listen to our bodies.


    1. AL


      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, there are a lot of things that just make sense if you eat seasonally. I also find it easier to find locally grown produce if you eat seasonally. Things don’t have to be shipped in from afar if it’s “in season”.


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