Running With the Homeless and Other Tales of Anderson, South Carolina

Welcome to late night Thursday. This has to be one of my latest posts for a


Thank you to Amanda for hosting my 8 random topics from my latest NETA trip.


I guess I should title this one….airlines. Why do airlines not know when their crew is over time and why do they not have people on standby? Why do airlines lie to you about who is on the plane and if seats are available?

On my way to South Carolina my flight from Charlotte to Greenville was delayed (yeah, this happens to me a lot) by more than 3 hours…..the flight itself lasts 18 minutes. Why did I have to sit in an airport that long for a flight that short?

On my way home the wonderful (not sarcasm) gentleman working the ticketing counter for the airline attempted to put me on standby for the earlier flight. As he was doing so a woman who was on something so hard that she didn’t even know what time it was and that her flight was boarding (the one I was trying to get on) walked up to the desk to ask him how much more time she had to park her car. I thought, YES!, I’ve got her seat for sure. Then, after screening etc, I was told that everyone booked for that flight had checked in and boarded and there were no available seats…..EXCEPT that that woman and her companion ended up on my regularly scheduled flight…3 hours later!

I spent way too much time in airports this weekend for only being a 5 hour drive from home.

2. Music and Age

So, I’m 35 now, but that’s not really old….is it? Well, apparently it’s a lot older than I thought it was because I heard RHCP on a classic rock station. Also, I’m hearing lyrics incorrectly now because I’m pretty sure that Bad Company was singing about Jamba Juice in “Ready for Love”.

I guess the hearing goes first…or maybe it’s my mental state?

3. Books

I finished two books on this trip:

I loved this book! I really wish that my husband read more because I think that he too would like it. It’s an honest take on parenting (mostly from a dad perspective). And Gaffigan gives mad props to his wife. Every woman will wish she’s married to this tall, white, balding man who loves to eat and has 5 kids.




This book, on the other hand, made me laugh so hard I thought I was talking to one of my best friends as she was recounting her day to me. That actually happened to me today. Thank goodness for great friends who make you laugh! I can’t wait to pick up her other book from the library and devour it as well. Btw, do any of you watch the Mindy Project? One of the best shows on HULU!


I really have enjoyed the break from reading yoga books. Currently I have Drew Barrymore’s first book sitting downstairs, waiting for me to find myself alone enough to read it.

4. Food

I found myself missing a lot of meals this weekend. I am still trying not to eat meat while I travel and it’s going very well. However, I find that traveling and my weird schedule when I do travel throws all of my meals off. I also find that I eat a lot of Mexican food because I love cheese and black beans and I find it easy to stuff a burrito or similar with veggies.

Why are there so many bars in Downtown Anderson, SC?

My hotel this weekend was the first one I had ever stayed at that had “free hot breakfast”, but offered no fruit. I seriously came back to the hotel on Saturday afternoon to find a pile of bananas had appeared alongside the “freshly made” Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, but they were no where to be found earlier that morning. Also, the guy working the front desk gave me an evil eye when I took a cinnamon roll for the road that morning. I guess he didn’t think I looked like I needed it…..I did.

5. Running

I logged my third run of November that Saturday. I had decided that a park run was just what I needed….apparently I didn’t read the Anderson, South Carolina Parks and Recreation page all that well. The “park” I went to run at in downtown was not really a part at all. The trails that should take me on a historic walk weren’t well labeled. And, pretty much I ended up just running and fearing that I was going to end up as part of the homeless population also roaming the streets that afternoon. At least I stopped myself before I crossed the tracks….that’s all I’m going to say about that.

anderson runIt wasn’t a fast run, nor even a far run, but it was the third one of my start to get back to running after a few weeks off due to illness. I love that when you start running your lungs burn in a good way (but I hate the coughing that happens when you stop). I love that burn in your legs and the rush as your body pushes forward. I love how a good pair of running shoes has made me a better runner. And I just flat out love running in the fall!

6. Workshops

My workshops this weekend were AMAZING! The people at the Anderson Area YMCA were phenomenal to work with, enthusiastic, engaging, and all around great people! I really hope to be back there in the future.

This weekend I was able to teach our Restorative Yoga workshop that I helped write and had not yet had the opportunity to present. It went so well. It was relaxing, informative, and very well received. That night I crammed in my hotel room between chips and queso and talking to my good friend (and fellow presenter) Stephanie. I was prepping for another workshop I’d not yet taught: Body Weight Training. Piece of cake….right?

Not so much. This workshop is intense and requires a lot of forethought on my part in regards to the section that is music based choreography. I haven’t taught step or any other aerobics class for awhile now and I’m not going to lie…I totally fudged it on Sunday even with practicing Saturday night. Plus, after all my teaching that week, running three times, and practicing in my room the night before, my body wanted to kill me during the workshop on Sunday. I hope to teach that one again soon and conquer it!

7. Football

What would a November post be without football? I think I’ve mentioned once or twice how much I love IOWA STATE Football (see here and here). Well, lucky me, they were playing in a very big game against Oklahoma State that day and my hotel happened to have the particular ESPN channel that carried the game.

It was a close one that had my heart pumping and me jumping around the room like one of those guys who paints their chest on game day. I’m the type of football fan that yells at the tv in both good times and bad. It was heart breaking to see my Cyclones fall when they came so close to a repeat of the 2011 game, but I’m a true fan and I still love them! We’ll get ’em next time Clones! GO STATE!

8. Being Alone

These weekends out are nice and give me a chance to do what I’m good at: fitness. However, being alone on these travels is not nearly as much fun as when I have my family with me. My next workshop is outside of Charleston and I think the hubby is going to ride along for that one. My January and February schedule allows me to present here in Wilmington. It’s not to say that I don’t want to travel anymore, because I really do.

Sometimes my brain does weird things when I’m alone….like tell me that there’s no reason to name a street “River Street” if it doesn’t lead to a river! Or, allow me to count my breaths to 100 for no apparent reason.

It’s just nice to come home to my family and see their smiling faces; give them hugs and kisses; tuck them in to bed. It’s also nice to not get lost in my random thoughts because they are there to fill the void.

What did you do last weekend?

Do you travel for work?


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