TOLT #29 – Inbox Issues

How do you know when you don’t check your email enough?

  1. When you have over 800 unread messages in just one of your now 6 different email inboxes….
  2. When you find out you missed out on using points, miles, etc because it went unopened for 9 months….
  3. When you could have been a morning runner….in 2013, but just tried to find out how in 2015….
    This email came on 6/26/13….I might have ignored it because I had a 25 day old baby, but still….
    This is what happened when I tried to find out what to do….

    The moral of the story is…..just call me if you have something important!

Thanks Amanda for allowing me to share on this Think Out Loud Thursday.

What does your inbox look like?

How often do you check your email? Respond to it? Read it?

9 thoughts on “TOLT #29 – Inbox Issues

    1. I wish I could get better about finding time to clear projects…and emails. As well as learning to be okay with just hitting delete without opening.


    1. I think part of my 2014 resolution was to declutter my life, but I can’t even see half of my desk. I so wish that were not the case, but time for checking my email and clearing my desk/projects is limited to the time I’m not spending with my kiddos.


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