The Great Cookie Exchange….or why I ran this morning

Hm? Maybe I should rephrase that title…..or just explain more here? One of my biggest pet peeves as a trainer and someone who loves to workout, is when people exercise so that they can “cheat eat”. I didn’t run on Wednesday and Friday mornings this week because I was in some serious pain that wasn’t going to be helped by bouncing around on concrete for 15 minutes or less. But, last night I was feeling better and I decided that my last 3 non productive days needed a dose of wake up… 530am and I rolled out of bed to hit the road.

Why? Because 530am runs give me enough time to run, do some strength training, stretch, and take care of quiet work (like computer time) before my family wakes up. I am the kind of person who likes a lot on my plate….often the phrase, “eyes are bigger than the bellybutton” applies to my work schedule. (Although, wouldn’t it be weird if someone’s navel were larger than their eyes?) So, I’m taking back two hours of time to get life in order. And today, it’s to prep for the cookie exchange I’m hosting tonight.

I can’t remember the last time I did something alone with just another female friend. I honestly think it may have been in the spring some time. So, tonight it’s just me and some of my NC gal pals and a whole lot of cookies! I’m hosting and making all of the food (over doing it I’m sure) and four different kinds of cookies. This is also my first time roasting hazelnuts and baking with gluten free flour. Wish me luck! I plan to have pictures and recipes for you all on Monday, but until that time, enjoy some of my other posts about cookies. Have a great weekend!

New Cookies!

Attack of the Holiday Cookie Monster


What’s your favorite holiday cookie recipe?


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