TOLT #30 – What I really want for Christmas

I’m the worst gift receiver, but there are a few things I would love this Christmas….

My Christmas List 2015

  1. Two happy kids and a happy husband
  2. A new to me Fossil handbag
  3. A few days to myself to clean/organize/read without interruption or responsibility to others
  4. Never to hear this “Christmas” song again
  5. World peace?

Things I’ve already received that I love

  1. Some inner peace
  2. My first official subscriber at the new site: Thanks Caitlin!
  3. Morning runs almost every M/W/F/Sa of December
  4. A ladies’ night in
  5. A jump rope!
  6. 1 wonderful husband and 2 beautiful kids

Happy Holidays!

If you’re spending time to yourself reading today….here are some under-read posts from this girl in 2015 to check out:

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Thanks to Amanda for hosting another TOLT!

What is on your Christmas List this year?

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