Give Me 30 Days

I’m sure most have you have set your New Year’s Resolutions already and that most of them have something to do with health and fitness. Last year my resolution was to see myself as stronger by the end of the year. I had many different steps to do so and overall, I feel like I succeed in reaching that goal.

This year, though, I’m trying something different. I’m trying something that should keep me going all year long. I’m giving myself 30 days each month to accomplish something….and I’d like you to join me. From today until the end of January is 30 days. In this time, I resolve to sort out what I really want to accomplish this year. Each day I will come up with something I want to finish this year. Instead of just one big vague resolution, I’m going to find all those little things and list one of them each day. It may be a tiny post with the just a paragraph about that item, or it may be something bigger. But each day, for 30 days, I will be narrowing down what will make 2016 the best year ever for me.

Give me your next 30 days to do the same. Do some soul searching, figure out where you really need change in the little and big ways. Come up with one plan of action each day this month that will last you all year. Try not to make huge life changes, but just the ones you know you can do. Join me and share your 30 days with me!

Day One – Seeing the World

The first thing I’m doing for a better year is seeing the world…for real. I haven’t gotten new glasses since 2003 and now that I have to wear glasses on most days instead of contacts, this has been a real issue. Did I mention that my current glasses have been cracked for over a year? I just needed to start this year off with a gift to myself….so today, and not puting it off one more day, I went and got new glasses. Now I can see the world around me, as it is, to accept it and be more clear on what I need to/can change.

Happy New Year! What is your Day One?

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