Follow Through

How many days left in this month? 29….that means it’s time for another thing that I resolve to do to make this year one of the best yet. This one is a simple one, but one of the hardest things I have to tackle in my life. I resolve to finish the projects that I start without taking on something more before one thing is done. So, today’s task is to write, print, and prepare to mail our annual New Year’s letter. Every year I write it, but take days more to print it, stuff them, and send them. This is a habit I need to break in all sorts of ways. So, here are three projects that need to be finished this year:

  1. The boys’ baby books with pictures included
  2. NETA workshop
  3. My research paper from grad school

The goal is to tick those three things off this year before taking on any more projects. I need to learn to commit and follow through on large scale projects of this nature.

Day Two….. What is yours?

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