Responsibility and Forgiveness

We all make mistakes in life….and I’ve made my fair share. In fact, this morning I am going to court for my first ever speeding ticket. I made it 35 years, 1 month, and 4 days until I received my first speeding ticket. It was a mistake. I was driving in the early morning to work and let the passing of a truck lure me into thinking that I was out of the slow zone on a highway and back up to speed. I clicked on the cruise control and then the lights came on.

Why me and not the truck? It doesn’t matter why. It does matter that I broke the law. Some people would say that this a minor thing, everyone speeds, etc, etc, etc. However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that minor. My ticket is for $218 (including court costs). That’s half of a month’s pay at one job and a full month’s pay at another. That’s almost the whole amount I made on the job I was driving to that day. It’s half of a workshop or 9 hours of curriculum writing. The money is a big thing for me in one aspect, but it’s something more than that financial burden.

It’s the fact that I always consider myself to be somewhat of a straight arrow. I always try to do the right thing. This is something I learned from my grandfather; who was the type of man that would return the extra money when a cashier counted it out wrong instead of just considering himself lucky. I try to follow the rules and to be a good citizen. If I am to be true to this, I should go into court today and pay my fine and accept my punishment. I should stand up and say “Guilty as Charged!”

I’m torn today as to what to do…..I would like to ask for a Prayer for Judgement and prove to the court that I will not be back in the next 3 years….or ever again….and sweep this whole thing under the rug. I would love to walk away without penalty other than that of my conscience. I am taking my kids to court with me today because I don’t have anyone else to watch them and because I want them to see that court is not the place they ever want to be….even for a “minor offense” like speeding.

Day Five: Not just this year, but forever, I want to take responsibility for my mistakes, but also be forgiven for them.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

Did you own up to it?

Were you forgiven?

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