Toe to toe with El Nino

This weather is driving me crazy! I was sweating on my Christmas morning run, then earlier this week I was freezing my booty off, and now we’re back to somewhat moderate temperatures, but rain. I feel like every place I’ve ever lived they say the same thing, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Seriously people?! It’s weather!

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about my running lately. I did some really great work with it at the beginning of last year in regards to form and cadence, then my running dropped off for a bit. Now that I’m working on it on the regular now, I have to make a decision….one that will determine why I am running for the rest of the year. And the decision is….which race to do?

Day Seven: Run a race this year!

Me at my last race, August 2009, Pigman Half-Ironman Triathlon....DNF
Me at my last race, August 2009, Pigman Half-Ironman Triathlon….DNF

I haven’t entered a race to be competitive (with myself or other participants) since August 2009. I got pregnant with my first son the next April and haven’t competed since. I spend a lot of time training others for events and setting up/timing events. This year is the year I get back to it. I will be turning 36 this September and I plan to run a race for my birthday. I don’t know that the race will be on my birthday weekend or how close it will be, but here are the three stipulations for my race:

  1. It has to happen in the month of September
  2. It has to be of 10k or longer distance
  3. It has to cost me less than $50 to enter

Help me choose an event, I’m open to suggestions!

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