Triple Post Monday

I missed posting this weekend and it has since inspired today’s posts. Here are three short resolutions, so as not to short myself on my 30 days and to stick with one of my resolutions to follow through on projects I start.



Day Eight: Reconnect

I keep a great calendar every year that has my friends’ birthdays and anniversaries on it. I used to send them all cards and sometimes even gifts. Then it became a phone call. And eventually a text or email. Many times those too are late. I have a lot of unanswered messages from allowing myself to get too busy with myself and lose connection with my friends. This last week I made a point to catch back up with one friend in particular and it

I sometimes wonder if life weren’t easier to stay connected when we just had regular phones and less tech distraction?

was worth it. Then, I sent a quick message to another and found out about some life changes happening with her. A third friend messaged me and suggested something in my life that might make things easier (that’s coming in a future post). And a fourth friend texted me to ask for some help. I was able to “connect” with four of my friends (most of whom I haven’t physically seen in years) in less than 3 days time. I miss that and I need to make it a higher priority.

It is sometimes good to step back and realize that my life is not the only one happening.

Day Nine: Preparation

I keep more than one calendar and one is strictly for paying bills. I’m always prepared in that department. I keep a running list of what is due when and then I calculate out (sometimes 6 months in advance) how much money we can expect to have. I like to know we’re secure in that department. I keep another calendar with meals on it. I like to know how old food is so that I can convince my family to eat left overs and not leave myself as the only “garbage disposal” in the house. Additionally, I make lists.

A long time ago I was told not to make lists because they drove me to a serious anxiety and depressive phase. I quit for a long time. But the lists have become a necessity for making sure I don’t forget things. I recently restructured my lists to be a list by day instead of one long running tally. I’m prepared for a lot of things, but one thing that I’ve been slack on is getting my posts ready for this project of mine. One thing each day isn’t that hard, but, while I have the ideas prepared in advance, I need to follow through with writing the posts and scheduling them.

One of my favorite bloggers, Amanda at Running with Spoons, seems like she’s really got her game on in this department. I mean, look at this amazing planner she has! I want to get better about planning as well as preparing for this part of my life.

Day Ten: Write More

So, that brings me to today, Monday. One thing I used to love to do was to write. I wrote poetry and short stories for much of my life. I even tried to write a book more than once. I used to journal and all of that was not just a creative outlet for me, but a part of who I was. I let myself fall away from writing prior to this blog. I am in my third year of this blog now and one thing I want to do for myself, to make my life and my 2016 better, is to spend more time writing. I want to write a lot of posts on the days that I have time and when the creativity is flowing. I want to write when I have an idea to write about and not worry about if it fits into some small faction of a type of blogger that I am.

I’ve written about not fitting a mold before, but for this year, I’m throwing all the rules out the window and just writing more. I promise that you’ll still find yoga and fitness information here. You just might find some other things too!

Which of the three could you do better with?

Reconnecting? Preparing? Writing?


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