Book List 2016

I’m not for setting hugely outrageous and excessive goals this year….or ever really. So, I’m trying to stay reasonable. I’ve noted many times that I’d like to find more time to read and I’m getting better about it. Especially those of you whose posts come directly to my email! But there are two more things I want to read more of: my professional journals and books. So, Day 11 is resolved to read more, but not too much more.

Each month I get an IDEA Fit/ACE professional journal in print and probably 4 times a year I read those. The rest of them sit in a stack awaiting the time I pick them up. That is going to stop. They aren’t large magazines and they have a lot of great info in them that I need. I just have to keep with the idea of making things a priority that I actually want to accomplish. so, instead of walking the magazine upstairs and setting it in a stack, I want to just read it and then keep what I want and recycle the rest.

This also goes for my problem with emails from professional organizations etc. I finally got my unread pile down to under 300. Some of them will be glanced at and some will yield more indepth reading. Each day I plan to find time to read, so one day each week I will choose to weed out some of those emails. I’ve gotten better about just deleting things I know that I don’t need to read as they come in and also about reading stuff as it comes in, but I still want to get through that old pile. I don’t want to be an email hoarder as Michelle suggested.

Then there is blog reading. Yesterday I talked about writing more and preparing my blogs in advance (I’m actually working on a few posts today), but I also sometimes get inspiration from what I read, so I’m glad that I’m on WordPress now and can get the blogs sent to me. They’re also right in my face when I go into write something…..My Reader is staring at me and has helped me to stay on top of reading quite a few of the blogs I like to follow.

Finally it’s the books. I still love the feel of holding a hard cover book and turning the pages. Currently I am reading Anita Diamant’s The Boston Girl which is due back to the library today and cannot be renewed. I am not far enough in to say that I will finish it today, but that is the hope and challenge. I hate reading a book that fast, but it’s a good story and I didn’t put too much else on my plate for the day.

My reading nook
My reading nook

Here are the five other books I hope to read/finish this year in no particular order:

  1.  Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates – I’m going to work on this one a lot more this year where I left off awhile back and have been slowly moving through. It also gives me a chance to “journal write” and some of that will become future posts.
  2. The art of stillness: adventures in going nowhere by Pico Iyer – It’s the next one on my holds list at the library and I’m next to get it. I have no idea what it’s about yet, but I chose it anyway. I like to get in a yoga book or two each year to keep me fresh to new ideas and also have more reading to suggest to my students. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they stink.
  3. Furiously happy: a funny book about horrible things by Jenny Lawson – Because I loved her first book so much and cannot get enough of her or her blog! The first book was sent to me by a friend when I was pregnant with my youngest. When I couldn’t sleep at night I would get up and read it. This was a bad idea because I couldn’t stop laughing and quite often woke the house. And also because it was so good that it didn’t make me sleepy and I ended up avoiding sleep altogether until it was finished.
  4. How children succeed: grit, curiosity, and the hidden power of character by Paul Tough – I’m always up for a good book that might help me make my children better people and help me to understand them better. I want to be a good parent….I don’t think I am the best one out there, by far, but I try. My kids are smart and funny and curious beyond belief. I want to encourage them to hold on to their good traits for as long as possible. How that happens is a mystery to me, so I read.
  5. Reader’s Choice – I’d really like some insight on your favorite book that might be something new to me. I love the classics and new fiction as well as great almost anything. So, below, please let me know what my last book for 2016 should be and then check back for reviews of all of the above!

What should I read this year?

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