I Want to See Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles….

Getting up at 530am six days a week to either workout or teach is HARD! I’m not going to lie about it; it’s getting easier, but it’s still hard. My Day Fourteen Resolution this year is to get the mileage up each month. That doesn’t necessarily mean that each month has to be better than the last, but that I want to not have it be the least I’ve done in the past 12 months. Here’s kind of what I mean in chart form thanks to my MapMyRun Dashboard:

I added the mileage on there myself

See how back in November I only completed 7.2 miles? For the whole month!? I don’t want another month like that. I started back with my serious running in December and already half way into January (I don’t have today’s run recorded yet), I am over half of that mileage. I would love to see numbers closer to what I logged last April, or even in May 2014 when I hit 70+, but some of those miles last spring were walks and some were cycling. Right now I’m not doing either of those things for training purposes. What I am doing is taking it slow and being consistent. I have another goal to compete in an event at least 10k or further in September. I wrote about that back on Day Seven But for right now I’m loving seeing my mileage rack up.

October…..I just surpassed you! August….I’m coming for you next!

How are you tracking your progress this year?

What kind(s) of training plan(s) do you use?

Also….read this great piece by Caitlin at Fit and Feminist!

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