Picture….not so perfect

I spent almost the whole day yesterday loading my 2015 photos on to Google+ to

My favorite selfie from 2015 - Hi Five a Stranger! Let's Get 2016 Done Right!
My favorite selfie from 2015 – Hi Five a Stranger! Let’s Get 2016 Done Right!

share with my family. I try every year to get better about getting those pictures out there, but I have yet to be successful. Additionally, I make three calendars every year in December and it takes 10 days to make just one because my photos aren’t already loaded to Shutterfly. There has to be a better way!

Day Fifteen: Get the pictures in order

Here’s how I’m going to combat this issue and a few other photo issues this year:

  1. I have set an alarm for the 15th of every month to remind myself to upload photos from the previous month. As I spent January 15th doing all of 2015, then February 15th will have to be all of January 1-February 14. This will take a lot less time than the massive uploads. Additionally on that day I am going to pick my favorite pictures and put them into the start of new calendars for 2017. I’m also going to round up those photos I need for the birthdays and anniversaries that have happened. It will be a one and done kind of day. I don’t care what day of the week it is, or if I have to use my early morning time to do it, or stay up late. I’m following through each 15th with this project.
  2. I’m going to take more photos with me in them. I have a hard time each year finding myself in photos and I’ve started to go back to doing selfies with the kids like I did when they were babies. If no one else is going to take my photo, I will do it myself!
  3. I’m going to start taking photos of the events we host at our house and when we go to things with other people. There are big gaps in the photos of our lives….people who are around who never show up. This past year I had hardly any photos of my in laws in pics, but we spend tons of time with them. It’s time to pick up the camera every once in awhile. I know I stress being in the moment, but I still want something for my kids to look back at and remember when they’re older. A few shots here and there won’t ruin the moment….I’m not talking about total documentation.
  4. I’m going to investigate the use of Instagram and SnapChat. Right now I use Google+ because it’s easy for my family to operate…..they get an email to my private albums and boom, there it is. I think I can do the same with Shutterfly and I may stick with that for them. But, in the interest of growing my blog (and something you can read more about tomorrow in my Day 16 resolution) I think I may have to get with the technology a little bit more.


How do you handle photos for your family? Friends? Blog?

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