I’m a Pro

My Day 16 is going to be simple: I want to get more professional this year.

Many of my friends have far more of a social media presence than I do and also a lot more professional ways for people to contact them. I have this blog and my LinkedIn page. This year I plan to get some business cards printed to hand out at workshops and races and when I’m just generally around town. I feel like I tell people I’m a pro, but I have nothing to back that up with. So, next month, when I have some income, I will be purchasing my business cards. Just a few, but enough to get me started.

I’m also going to have a friend take a nice photo to use on them. I mean the kind of photo that says: She didn’t crop herself out of a good shot and that’s definitely not a selfie.

I also want to start using my own photos in my blog. There has been a lot of buzz in 2016 about use of photos and I try not to use other people’s stuff that’s not listed as “for use and sharing” on Bing Images. I just want to get away from that all together and start taking my own photos of the stuff I’m trying to talk about.

This brings me to my final point. I want to get a stronger social media presences, but I’m not signing back up for Facebook. Facebook and I have a bad past and I’m just not going back there right now. I’m thinking of using Instagram on a professional level and starting to use Twitter. I’m still a newbie to both of those things and kind of a tech virgin. I mean, I’ve only had a smart phone for 13 months…if that. I just want to be more accessible as I’m heading into my last 2 years as a stay at home mom.

The future is calling and I’m going pro!

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