Permission to Rest

Day 17: Give myself permission to rest

It’s that simple. Saturday I did not run because allergies were kicking my butt! Friday I had intentionally jogged. Today, I went back at it with an attitude of whatever may come. Sometimes it’s okay to rest, despite all that you want to accomplish in life.

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It’s easy to get lazy! Return to training during or after a cold


Do you back off when you’re sick?

5 thoughts on “Permission to Rest

  1. I’m a big believer in permission to rest. This morning I had a fabulous sleep-in — two full hours of extra sleep instead of going to the pool. It was the right decision.


    1. There are mornings when I opt to get up a little later and squeeze my runs in somewhere else in the day too. 530am can be too early some days! Listening to your body will almost always result in the right decision!


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