Not Just Desserts

Well, it’s Wednesday again and I got up at 530am to run in 20 degree temps so that I could make breakfast for my kids before I went to work and abandoned them with the nanny. Well, part of that statement is true. I didn’t have to make them breakfast, there are plenty of foods that we have to eat at home. And, they love the nanny, so it’s not abandoning them when they enjoy a day away from mom.

Used Silk Vanilla Almond Light instead of 2% milk…..because that’s what I had available….oh, and unsalted butter.

What did I make them? Well, Nutella pancakes of course! I had a huge jar of Nutella left over from my cookie exchange when I made these amazing cookies from Ambitious Kitchen that I’ve talked about here before. So, this past week I wondered what I was going to do with it…..?

It made way more than 3 pancakes and even more than 14, but I only had time to snap this photo.

I thought about having a faux garden party with friends as another girls’ night in and doing crepes with Nutella and bananas as dessert, but I don’t really have a great weekend free and didn’t want to keep it around……staring at me…..until May!

So, last week we popped out a pan of these brownies that only take 3 ingredients (Nutella is one of them) or 4 if you’re like us and add chocolate chips to every brownie recipe! And today I finished them off with the pancakes.

Why am I telling you all of this when I’m supposed to be talking about my resolutions? Well, remember last week’s What I Made Wednesday? This is me trying new things…..sweet things…..because I’m not afraid of desserts and I’m not into the whole “diet” and “healthy food” talk. Just things that taste good and eating them mindfully.

Um, did anyone else get this email this year? Are we that afraid of the word “diet”?

But, all the sweetness reminded me of something else I need more of in my life…..sweetness. I love it when my students come up to me after class and say kind things. I love it when my husband wants to hold my hand or snuggle on the couch. I love that my kids tell me that I can keep them forever! We all need more sweetness in our life and I want to take the time to savor the sweet foods, smells, words, and moments in life.  For me that means:


Day 19 is about taking more time to find the sweetness in life!

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve had/done today?

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