TOLT #33 – Treat Myself

Day 20: Get the Gear I want this year!

I never told you, but I got my jump rope….FINALLY! It was free with my husband’s fit ball he bought for his office. He has back pain and we’re seeing if that, plus more yoga with me helps. But I got it and now I’m waiting for a rainy day to use it.

I have this habit of not getting things for myself that I want and sometimes even the things I need. This year I want to make myself more of a priority and get some things I am in need of and a few things I really want. First, a quick Thank You to Amanda at Running with Spoons for always sponsoring TOLT and allowing me a place to unload random things.

And now on to the main event: My 2016 Wish List

  1. 20160121_111121
    This was once a beautiful Fossil bag….

    A new purse. This and a few other things on my list have nothing to do with fitness, but they do have to do with me treating myself like a human being first and a mom second. I think a lot of moms do the same thing and let their kids take priority in the spending department. I mean kids are growing and need new clothes, shoes, and lots of food, diapers, etc. We want the best for them, but we should also take care of our selves from time to time….and this is one of those times. I mean, look at this thing! It’s 6 years old and has also served as a teether and a diaper bag. I think it’s time to upgrade.

  2. 20160121_111242
    I know, I have huge feet!

    A pair of skinny jeans. I’ve never owned a pair (at least not since they are back in style). For Christmas my in laws got me these really cute boots from Belk (a place I thought

    Is the inside of these not so adorable?

    I’d never shop) and they deserve a good pair of skinny jeans to wear them with. They are super comfortable and I currently only own 2 pair of jeans that I can get into, both were bought at consignment. The skinny jeans will probably follow suit.

  3. Cold weather running gear. I’ve written about this topic before and lately the weather has been shifting toward the icy side for my 530am runs. Then, last weekend (right before below freezing temps) I melted my running gloves. Yep….melted.
    My fingers can actually peek out of some of the tips.
    My fingers can actually peek out of some of the tips.

    They were a beautiful pair of Addidas running gloves that an old employer gave me as a Christmas present (I picked them out of a catalog for less than $XX). I’ve been loving those things ever since. But, last weekend I had to help my husband with a fire while we were out clearing part of his parent’s farm property and they were the only gloves I had on hand. I need some new ones as well as a pair of running tights (yoga capris are not the same as running tights) and probably a proper running jacket instead of always wearing my college fleece. I’m always open to suggestions of your favorites in this category.

  4. Hand weights. I’m in the phase where I’m starting to miss things at the gym and one of them is dumbbells. I’m not talking about getting the cute 3lb pink set that a lot of women keep at home to pretend like they’re going to use them while walking on the treadmill/clothes rack. I’m talking like a nice set of 10’s and 15’s to start with. I know I’m not ready for larger weights and I probably could use some 8’s and 5’s, but I’m going to start with just 2 sets as they’ll probably set me back a pretty penny…even at Play It Again Sports.
  5. Swim gear. Yep, I made the commitment to get back in the pool this year, so it means I need to gear up. I’m not even sure if I still fit into my swim suit as I haven’t put it on since November 2014!
  6. Runners. I will wear out my running shoes sooner than I can plan for, I’m sure. So, new running shoes will be on the agenda this year too.

Two things not on this list that are new for me this year are glasses and some kind of continuing education.

What are you treating yourself to this year?

What usually comes in front of “you” in your budget?

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