How long to save the leftovers?

I don’t have any new recipes to share this week for What I Made Wednesday, but instead some questions for you.

Do you have this discussion at home? How long do you go before you throw out food? What about expired condiments and OTC medications?

In my life Aparigraha: Non hoarding and the idea of “Letting Go” are recurring themes as well as unfinished lessons for me. There are things that I have a hard time not holding on to, but yet I wish I lived a more minimalist lifestyle. Today my students were again learning about the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga and that 5th Yama: Aprigraha really resonated with me. Why? Because I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime.

Each time I move I get rid of some things. I leave behind something when I move….a house, a job, possessions. Each time I try to hold on to something from that place….memories, friendships. But I’m thinking today that I need to throw out some of the leftovers to make room for new things.

We had my son’s birthday party this past weekend and we invited friends of ours with kids of a similar age. There were friends we didn’t invite to this party, but do invite to other events. Our friend circle here in Wilmington is growing. I worry that it may get too big. There are friendships to sustain and some that will be fleeting. I also worry that there are friendships I have held on to from other places that I am hoarding when I shouldn’t be.

One “friend” in particular has not been in contact with me for months. She fails to return calls and text messages. Always the same excuse that her work is crazy. I get it. We both work a lot. I have kids and a husband and other things outside of my work that get my attention too, but I still make time to try to reach out. It’s okay if she no longer wants to stay in touch. I think she is a leftover that has sat in my fridge for too long.

But letting go of a friendship is hard. It’s like your favorite dish that you made too much of and ate the leftovers every day for a week, but can’t bear to throw out because, even though you’re sick of it, you might still want it later. It’s something familiar and you wonder if you’ve left behind a piece of you in that friendship that you can’t recapture somewhere else.

As each new place and each new phase of my life approaches, I need to empty out and restock my refrigerator….

Can you?

Day 26: Clean out my friendship fridge

How much energy do you devote to things gone by?

Past interests?


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