More than Running and Yoga

Sometimes I feel like all I focus on are running and yoga. I try to do other things, but with limited time running and yoga have sustained me. In fact, I’m so sore today from all the yoga I taught yesterday (including 30 cycles of Sun Salutations: aka burpees of the yoga world) that I sometimes wonder if I need something more…..

The answer is yes!

So, a really short list of three fitness goals for this year that aren’t for running or yoga, but will effect both.

  1. 25 full body push-ups. I haven’t done that many good ones since I was a freshman in college. I want to feel as good as I did when I was that young and fit. And I actually really like push-ups.
  2. In that same line of work….burpees. I haven’t ever really tackled them well, although I have made some attempts (see here). I don’t expect them to ever be easy, but I want to work on them. This also means going back to my HIIT workouts I used to do on Fridays and figuring out where they fit in.
  3. Finally, better squats. There are some articles in my inbox about squats and how to perform them correctly (apparently I was taught wrong at some point or science has changed).

My resolutions this year have mostly been intertwined and a lot of this involves becoming a better runner, yogi, and fitness professional. It involves turning inward and asking what I need, starting to push harder, and following through. It means that I am being appreciative and finding the good in the things that I do and the people that I do them with. I’m hoping that each of these tiny goals and steps forward will make 2016 my best year ever for health and wellness.

Day 27: Fitness outside of running and yoga

Are you still doing your NY resolution?

What kind of fitness routine do you like best?

Can you do 25 full body push-ups?

A big THANK YOU to Amanda for hosting this TOLT!


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