Recaps and Updates

Here we are, the last day of January and my Day Thirty Post! One thing I need to do this year in order to keep with all of these resolutions I made is to make sure to check in and recap what’s been going on each month and update myself and those of you reading on how my progress is going. I’ve written about this in the past in regards to progress tracking and benchmarking.  So, here we are on the last day of my 30 day challenge and I thought a nice little recap was in order. Here are my 30 days of resolutions:

  1. See the world
  2. Follow through and finish what I start
  3. Face my fears
  4. Get some more education/professional development
  5. Accept responsibility for my mistakes, take ownership and ask for forgiveness when necessary
  6. Embrace my love of the scale
  7. Compete
  8. Reconnect
  9. Prepare
  10. Write more
  11. Read
  12. Make new things to eat
  13. Ask “Why?”
  14. Bump up the mileage
  15. Get the photos under control
  16. Go pro!
  17. Rest
  18. Get wet!
  19. Relish sweetness
  20. Treat myself to gear
  21. Awareness – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  22. Strength – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  23. Flexibility – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  24. Balance – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  25. 3 better yoga poses
  26. Clean out the friendship fridge
  27. Fitness measures outside of running and yoga
  28. Just Say No!
  29. Be someone
  30. Check in!

By the way, my January mileage is in and I finished at 26.87 miles. That puts January 2016 as 5th highest mileage of my last 12 months and 2016 as 5th highest mileage in the last 5 years. See more at my MapMyRun page and check out my running goals by clicking on Day 14 above.

Are you still sticking to your resolutions?

Have you defined them fully yet?

What will your 2016 look like?


3 thoughts on “Recaps and Updates

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