TOLT #35 – Musings of the Week

It’s Thursday and I’m behind on posting for this week. Technically I haven’t even written anything new for all of February which means I’m falling behind on a few of my resolutions. But, in the true spirit of and Thank You to Amanda for hosting as usual…here is a list of random musings from this week.

  1. Thoughts on the smell of college boys: Have you ever noticed that college boys come in two scents? I teach at a community college and yesterday, as I was walking through the hallways I was stuck in the scent of several different guys walking through and their cloud of cologne. UGH! Why so much?! Well, it’s probably because the other option is the stench that college age (and high school age) guys emit. Yeah….I decided to catch the elevator in a quick trip to grab more cleaning wipes for my class so that no one gets MRSA from yoga class and could tell that some of the guys on that ride could have used a shower….and some deodor
  2. Speaking of made up workouts: I ran on Tuesday, not a usual run day for me, and I forgot to check the wheels on the stroller before we rolled out! It sucked. It was also very windy on my run, I had over dressed, and I was not able to come close to my goal time. I am still one run short on a particular course before I move on. Moral of the story? Check your gear.
  3. ant….and maybe a huge cloud of cologne. It’s kind of lose/lose.
  4. Getting off schedule: I hate to plan my week and then have everything go a muck! Monday I couldn’t get out of bed to run at 530am. I figured I could wait another hour and then run while my hubby was getting ready for work. However, the little one then threw up on me around that early morning time and I knew the run was gone for the day. I made up my run on Tuesday…with him in the stroller instead. I feel like my whole week is off now because of skipping that one early morning alarm. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s Thursday!
  5. A20160204_153859nd on the topic of new gear: I got something new! It wasn’t a purchase…per se, but it is new to me and something from my list. Thank you to my amazing company for providing me a Christmas gift off of my 2016 Gear Wish List without even knowing it. I wore this jacket all weekend while I taught and then again for this run. It wasn’t the right time to wear it, but it will get another “run” tomorrow morning.
  6. More gear updates: I used my jump rope on Wednesday night! I have been putting off using it for running, but Wednesday morning I was still off and couldn’t fathom another run so quickly with 6 hours of yoga ahead of me. So, I waited until evening and decided to jump. I did short bouts to get back into the habit and lasted about a total of 10 minutes. Not bad for my first try….I think. I learned two things during this little adventure. A: I have forgotten how to single jump and B: Jump ropes hurt when they hit you. Every time I tried to get my revolutions up so I could just single instead of double jump, I kept hitting the front of my feet and whipping the plastic around into the back of my arms. I had some nice whip marks last night. Thankfully, they have faded.

    I want to work on this workout from ACE; I’m beginner level.

That’s all for now. I didn’t make anything new this past week (the reason for no Wednesday post), but I did enjoy this….even if my family didn’t. Try it out and let me know what you think.

What’s on your mind?

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