Satya: What is your Truth?

Yesterday morning I was out for a run. It was that same crappy course that I hadn’t been able to conquer just yet. I had my two sub 9:00/mile runs down, but still hadn’t hit my third. I was ready to move on, it was 6:30am and out the door I headed. I returned some time later and posted these notes to my MapMyRun report:

I wanted to get the course over with. I hated every second, but I pushed on…..even when it would have been easy to quit.

The result? I finished the 1.71 miles in 8:55/mile. Just barely under the goal, but I made it! So, this morning I was on to the next run in my series of progressive increases. I’ll tell you more about that later, but for now I want to tell you briefly what I thought about on that run. I thought about TRUTH.

I thought about truth because recently my Yoga I students were studying the Yamas and Satya is the second Yama in Yoga. It asks us to live our own truth….at all times….in all ways. I read two great posts this week that I wanted to share with you in which both of the women were brutally honest. They both shared their truth and continue to live with it. Please read them both here:

What is my truth? That in all of my life, in regards to fitness, I have not consistently pushed myself hard enough. I have rested when sometimes I shouldn’t have; I have walked when I could have kept running; I have quit….just because. But, yesterday I didn’t. And I got up this morning and tackled a longer run and hit 8:51/mile. My truth that I plan to live is that I can do more with my fitness. I will push harder because it feels good to do so.

What is your truth?

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