TOLT #36 – 2016: The Year of Svadhyaya

Welcome to another Thursday where I spill out what’s on my mind. (Thanks Amanda!) I had originally intended to write this post on Monday to be another of my Meditation Mondays, but it got pushed back to Thursday due to the nasty sinus thing going through my family right now. Sneezing, watery eyes, and more mucus than is necessary……but then again, is any mucus necessary? Hm? I digress.

My 30 days of Resolutions challenge to myself ended up being exactly what I hoped it would be…. a kickstart into a deeper self study. This semester I am teaching Yoga II at CFCC as well as my regular Yoga I classes. This gives me a chance to get deeper into poses and meditation with my students. Sometimes the meditation touches me as well and that was the case last week on Wednesday. I read a passage out of the Gates book on Day 85 in which he writes this of Svadhyaya (self-study):

To draw nearer to ourselves in this manner is to draw nearer to divinity. There is no separation between us and the rest of the universe. Nor is there an order of importance. There are not big insights and little insights, only insight.

As I sat there with my students, I asked myself, “Why am I here?” I think this is a common question in life. One that we ask from time to time and place to place. “Why am I here?” can be as big of a question as your place in all of the universe or as little as why you made the decision to come to a party, a specific store, to place your foot on the mat a certain way, to turn left vs. right, to enter college or take a job. It can mean anything.

As part of my resolution to ask “Why” more I asked myself this question until an answer came to me.  I am a teacher. That is my place in life. I teach in many different ways and I learn perpetually through teaching others and allowing them to teach me as well. It was an answer that made me feel whole and happy. I know my place.

So, this year I proclaim to be my year of self-study. 2016….the year of Svadhyaya!

Do you turn inward to find the answers?

What did your last meditation teach you?

How would you define your 2016?

Why are you here?

7 thoughts on “TOLT #36 – 2016: The Year of Svadhyaya

  1. Meditation is a very scary thing for me! So I’m starting small and trying to be mindful for 2 min a day. Might not seem like much but silence is my scary space! Very cool that you can step back and look at these kinds of questions.


    1. You would really love that book by Rolf Gates and also the one I just read by Pico Iyer. I’m writing about the second book on Friday and you helped inspire my post for today. Check it out and thank you for stopping by Lauren!


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