Dear TODAY Show…..

This is a post that I wrote on Monday that doesn’t really fit on my site, but I’d like to think that I’m not so much about any one thing that I could really write about anything. Thanks Amanda for a place to unload something random like this on a Think Out Loud Thursday. It’s something I’d really expect to see over at Fit is a Feminist Issue…but those ladies probably don’t watch the TODAY show and most of them live in Canada. Check out some of their posts on similar topics here and here and lots of other places on their blog.

Dear TODAY Show,

I watch you every morning that I am not rushing out of the door before the tv comes on. I enjoy your morning show over all others and dread staying over at other people’s houses because they don’t watch the TODAY Show and what am I supposed to do?! However, I was a little offended with your piece on the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue  on Monday. Mainly because I first applauded you for bringing on the models who were both “traditional” and “nontraditional”, but then you went and blurred Ronda Rousey. She was body painted and nothing was revealed in the images you were showing…..nothing that would have been blatant or offensive at least. Your own Matt Lauer has sported visible nipples in his Halloween Baywatch Costume a few years ago. This picture came directly from your website and he is not blurred. Why is it okay for him to wear fake breasts with visible nipples, but not okay for Ronda Rousey to be shown without blurring her chest? If we were supposed to embrace her “muscular physique”, then focus on that and stop drawing attention where attention didn’t need to be drawn…..or just use a different clip? It seems like a double standard to me.


AmberLynn, Unimpressed Viewer



11 thoughts on “Dear TODAY Show…..

  1. I’m also a Today Show fan but don’t get to watch it very often anymore because I leave for work too early. I saw the Ronda Rousey picture on another news channel and it wasn’t blurred. And there was no reason for it to be blurred! Matt’s Baywatch costume was much more offensive than the Ronda Rousey picture!


    1. AL

      Thank you Hollie! I think it was disappointing not just because they blurred her, but also because it didn’t seem to be as empowering of a story as they were making it out to be. It’s great that there were various different body types represented, but if I’m being really feminist about it, what were they there for? It wasn’t like we were really “celebrating” anyone’s more muscular physique, but really the fact that she’s a woman who works in sport and still was “female enough” to grace the cover of SI.


  2. Oof, this is a such a fine line. I used to watch the TODAY show every morning, but now my mornings mostly consist of Mickey Mouse, so I can’t make too too much commentary on this, but it seems like just another case of double standards. It sounds like (I could be wrong?) it was a clip that was prerecorded and thus pre-screened for FCC regulations, which means it was a thought out blurring, rather than a “better safe than sorry” blur if it was a live piece. While I get that they need to keep all audiences in mind and they also don’t want a heft FCC fine, the non blurring of the costume nipples is what gets me, since I would assume that if you’re offended by a real woman’s body, you’re also offended by fake nipples on a guy. Either way, it’s an interesting and frustrating topic. I’m intrigued to see how it plays out.


    1. AL

      Thank you Morgan for stopping by! I agree, it’s kind of a weird thing, but it stuck out so much in the clip. They have the still images un-blurred, but when she moves she’s censored.


    1. AL

      I feel that way too, but I only have the option of TODAY or GMA and GMA seems to have even more fluff and less news than TODAY. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I have this same issue with Instagram. It’s completely ridiculous, and an issue that’s definitely at the forefront right now. At least it’s being talked about! Kind of like “should women be able to breastfeed in public.” How is that even an issue? Haha.


    1. AL

      Thank you Lauren! YES! How can someone have an issue with what is supposed to happen? Would you tell another animal not to feed its young? Breasts are just part of the human body and nipples exist on both men and women. So, why do women have to cover theirs up and men can parade around on tv and in public with them visible? I seriously don’t want to walk around topless in my neighborhood, but if we’d stop making such a big deal about it, then maybe we wouldn’t have to blur the tiniest thing?


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