Running Around the Web

I meant for this post to appear on Thursday as part of Amanda’s TOLT, but just didn’t get it together in time, so here it is for a Sunday….

Things Running Around the Webnew shoes 1

  1. Thinking about balance and running as one: Stronger in the Long Run: Muscle Imbalance and Memory I am planning a post on yoga for runners very soon.
  2. Shoes that keep my mileage for me? THIS SHOE SYNCS WITH
    UA MAPMYRUN I am still making strides in my New Balance, but they’re getting close to the end of their life.
  3. And speaking of MapMyRun…..Check out my runs this week here. I am finally back on track!
  4. Did you know that signing up for MapMyRun has benefits with Under Armour (it’s parent company)? I am not sponsored by either, but recently I received $40 off of a $100 or more order just by being a member. I don’t plan to use mine, but the first follower to email me can have my code. It’s only good until March 4th, sign up today at and receive these special offers in your inbox!
  5. Music for your run: 24 great running songs that don’t show up on lists of great running songs
  6. Running and sport of any kind for all women: Help me raise money to support female athletes in Afghanistan
  7. More gear…sort of: Say “No” to Leakage! Period Panties for Athletes
  8. And to make it an even number….re-read my post on progressive overload in running from last Monday: 110%

What’s your best link on running to share this week?

Any running milestones to celebrate?