Currently – February 2016

It’s the last day of the month and LEAP DAY! Here’s my monthly wrap up on the 30 days project. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, link back to here and then you can also check out my last month’s recap here.

Well, Spring is on it’s way here this coming month and the flowers outside have already started blooming. Here’s our “pet frog” Pistachio and the first crocus to open this year….we expected them much later than February, but all things happen at their own pace, much like with my resolutions.


Things that went well in February

I had a major cold that I’m still trying to fight off the last little bit of. However, instead of letting that be a major set back to all of my resolutions, I have kept plugging along. I still ran and taught yoga quite a bit this month. In fact, I went from running under 2 miles at the beginning of the month to a little over 2.5 today. My speed has improved as well and I’m being more consistent in my yoga practice (pictures to come) including trying to find time to practice with my kiddos.

I’m also trying to get better about the preparedness and follow through part of my life. I posted 13 times this month, including today. Most of those were pre-planned, but not always finished “on time”. In order to get better about all of this, I have moved up from the 1:00 technique to the Pomodoro Technique that Traci at Fit is a Feminist Issue wrote about. Friday I took 20 minute blocks to write (which is something I wanted to do more of) and I got a lot accomplished in the 3 blocks I did. However, instead of only a 5 minute break, I took time to play with the kids for one activity and do laundry before returning to the task at hand. It helped, but I think I need more practice.

I am also half way through my reading list for 2016 and posted three book reviews for you this month. Ilana over at Mommy Shorts is talking about a book of the month club for children’s books and I would love to keep finding more time to read to the kiddos. Reading is something I’ve always loved and I need to switch gears to reading more of my professional journals instead of just the leisure reading I’ve enjoyed these past two months.

I will also be reading a lot more yoga books here soon which I can count as both a plus and a minus on the month. The plus side is that I’ve been better about turning down work that I don’t really need to do so that I’m not over scheduled. However, the minus is that I have abandoned one project I was working on and hoped to finish this year in order to take on a larger yoga project with NETA (more on that to come).

Room for improvement

That leads me to my areas that still need a lot of work in the coming 10 months. Definitely need to work on that follow through and saying no. They are probably at the top of my list for now. I’m also trying to be more responsible and accepting of my failures and owning up to my mistakes. I can’t think of one specific instance, but I’m always honest about when I don’t finish a task or just mess up with technology. And the photos situation is having a bit of a delay this month in that I can’t get some videos to upload. Ugh, reliance on technology is the worst sometimes!

I’ve not done so well in being creative in the food department either. I am still in need of some new ideas, but I have a few fun things that I’ve found recently and I’m going to keep trying to make use of my crock pot to help out with time management and food variety. I would love it if my favorite food bloggers would just unload a month’s worth of recipes on me that my family would eat and that is something new. I’ve also lacked variety in my workouts. I’m still just teaching yoga and running for right now. I have a great workout planned, but haven’t been up early enough to make time to do it. The cold has really knocked out a chunk of my energy.

Finally, the biggest area I need to improve upon is my meditation and the benefits that come from self-study. The appreciation I gain and the ability to be calm and handle most situations has gone out the window this month. I feel that stress and my temper have been on high alert due to the physical run down from being sick. It’s something that I want to prioritize this next month so that I can feel happier and more whole. So, expect more meditation posts in March.

In Summary

February is over and time to head into March… looks like it’s coming in like a lamb this year, so maybe smooth sailing ahead?

How did your February go?

What will you work on in March?

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