TOLT #39 – Throwback Thursday: Always a Runner and Fashions of the Eighties

If you haven’t been there yet, please click over and take my Runners’ Survey. But for today I want to do a quick Throwback Thursday and link up with Amanda for another TOLT!

80s runnerThis is me at the end of a 1 mile fun run in the 80’s. Dig the outfit? I did. I just had to have it and it’s one of the few times I can remember my mom actually indulging in buying me something new for the sole purpose of a single event. Now, I totally went on to wear that same outfit all summer long, but I had to have it just for that day’s race. It got me thinking more about my gear and how I really love certain things like Agnes and my New Balance socks for run days. And thinking about this got me more excited for my run tomorrow morning. It’s almost Easter and I may or may not get a new outfit for this weekend, but I’m still stoked about my current gear!

What is your favorite run finish photo?

Did you ever have to have an outfit?

What was the worst fashion choice in your past?

What’s your favorite gear now?

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