A Long Time Ago….In A Land Far, Far Away

My 12 years of Yoga posts were put on hold yesterday because of…..SNOW!

Yes, I know I look crazy trying to get a selfie for my kids to see me in the snow...early in the morning, with the wind blowing everywhere and it was below freezing!
Yes, I know I look crazy trying to get a selfie for my kids to see me in the snow…early in the morning, with the wind blowing everywhere and it was below freezing!
This is all that was left of my snow at the end of the day’s workshop….but it was still pretty cold and windy around town.

I finished up my wonderful weekend in Rochester with the last day of Yoga Teacher Training for NETA at the RAC. Huge thanks to Emily, Julie, Kaitlin, Kristina, Linda, Lucas, Luisa, Maggie, Mary, Mona, Nikki, Val, and Yvonne who made the weekend super memorable! I can’t wait to go back and try Julie’s Glow Yoga!

I grabbed another quick bite to eat before heading out of town last night. Another tasty meal from Root 31 because who doesn’t want Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda soup in weather like this? But enough about NY and on to Yoga…..

My whole life I’ve been an athlete. I’ve written about this before. But never in my whole life did I ever do flexibility training…..until the Summer of 2004. That Summer I found myself in Vermont at my internship to finish my B.S. degree. I spent 3 months living at Green Mountain at Fox Run doing something I thought I would never do….teaching group fitness classes. One of the days of my internship I was handed a set of papers with stick figures on them and told that I would be teaching yoga class that day.

Easy; right?

Not so much.

In all of my life I thought that I could do anything thrown at me, but that day I stood in front of a group of women who depended on me to lead them through a series of yoga poses and I failed. I attempted the first pose: Standing Forward Fold; and I stood there, looking down at my toes so far away with dismay.

How could I not touch my toes?

What are you doing down there toes?

I don’t remember any other part of that particular class and I’m sure I muscled through with the same vigor that I always teach with, but I was left with this empty whole in my ego. This was my first experience with yoga and it didn’t leave the best taste in my mouth. I don’t remember teaching any other yoga classes that summer, nor attending any specific yoga sessions either. I know I left Vermont in August to return to Iowa and graduate. I know I went back to school that fall to finish coursework in another degree program. I know that I went back to personal training and took with me a few new ideas I had from my internship, but the yoga stayed behind in Vermont.

I needed that failure. I needed that yoga more and I wish that 2004 was the true start of my yoga journey. At almost 24 I didn’t know these things and at 35 hindsight is better than 20/20.

What was your first yoga?

Did it stick right away?

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