What I Made Wednesday: Breakfast Foods

Until this past weekend I hadn’t been trying a lot of new recipes lately, except for breakfast foods in March. I just didn’t get around to posting about them. When I was in New York this weekend I was sure that the hotel was pumping the smell of bacon into my room as I hurriedly got dressed and out the door. I don’t even like bacon! But I do love breakfast foods and here are some recipes we’ve ventured into lately.

Strawberry Breakfast Bake adapted from Amanda’s Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Bake 20160228_091316  We used frozen strawberries we had and added flax seeds to this one. It wasn’t as sweet as I was hoping for and didn’t have the muffin quality that I wanted either. We had multiplied the recipe by 4 and baked it in a larger Corningware Baker so that the boys and I could all get some in one batch. The good news is that the big one loved it and was the one who finished off the rest.



Chunky Monkey Breakfast Bake also from Amanda at Running With Spoons

20160311_082230We again multiplied this one by 4 to make enough and then just slathered the topping on like gluttons! 20160311_082559We used peanut butter in our recipe, extra oats instead of oat bran, and standard milk chocolate chips. Everyone enjoyed this one so much that there was a fight to see who would get the last piece!


And, because who doesn’t LOVE chocolate at breakfast? We also made our own version of pancakes which we adapted from one of our favorite muffin recipes by Monique at Ambitious Kitchen. I can’t remember the exact proportions of ingredients, but I basically looked at AK’s recipe and my Betty Crocker Cookbook under pancakes and played until I got this deliciously dark looking batter. The pancakes came out lighter in color than I expected, but tasted decadent, moist, and were full of super great green stuff! 20160328_084407Do you see it peeking out at you? Right above the melty chocolate chip oozing out the side? Can you guess what it is without clicking on the link above? These were a winner and will be made again with recipe recorded. They’re also a blessing in disguise because…..guess what the boys and I did on Monday?

FINALLY got our garden in! And yes, we will be enjoying zucchini everything when it comes time. We also sunk into the ground carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, potatoes, lavender, chives, oregano, basil, cilantro, sunflowers, and pumpkins growing everywhere!

More pictures of the gardening to come and the food that we make from it. All in all though, even my breakfast this weekend was unadventurous, and it makes me think I need to break out a little more than I usually do with baked goods and fruit. I read a post this weekend that was linked from AK and it got me thinking about these questions which I’d love to know your answers to:

Could you do an alkaline detox?


Give up eating cheese and other dairy?

And how does it go in your house when you want to change your eating habits?

Come back tomorrow for the next installment of my series on my 12 Years of Yoga! Namaste and good eats!


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