12 Years of Yoga: Time in Texas

I count that first foray into yoga as my starting point, but yoga didn’t really start to grow in my life until 2005 when I was living in Texas. I was jobless for awhile when I first moved there with my first husband. He was in west Texas for training for the Air Force….I, and our dog, were along for the ride.

It was a time in my life when I was perfectly happy to play housewife….to an extent. We were trying to have a baby and I had already graduated. I was in my mid twenties and if I didn’t work right now, there was still time to have a career. So I spent my days lounging around our house and pretending as if I were going to unpack. Mazzarah (our dog) and I would play, take walks, and take naps while watching soap operas. That was my life then and it seems so far away from my reality now. To tell the truth, I was probably just bored.

I had gotten certified as an ACE personal trainer in 2004 before heading to Vermont and soon I knew I would need to renew that certification, so I started considering continuing education credits. SCW Fitness holds these big fitness conferences that they call Mania events and one was going to be in Dallas….where a friend of mine I’d made at Green Mountain was now living with her sister. It had been over a year since we had seen each other and it’d be a good excuse to get out of town.

At the conference I went to various workshops on personal training, nutrition, Pilates, and different types of fitness equipment. And one of the evenings I attended a class taught by Dede Daniels, co-creator of Flow Yoga. It was as simple workshop called Yoga for Personal Trainers. It was there that I recalled my bad experience…..or rather unsuccessful experience with yoga the year before. And yet, it was all different now. I still couldn’t touch my toes, but there was something more I found I could not do……RELAX!

I left the workshop feeling empowered to teach yoga to my clients (although at the time I had none), but also curious about how far I could go with yoga due to my new found inabilities. That’s the thing about yoga….it’s always teaching you about both your strengths and your weaknesses. I found I had more of the latter at this point.

I went back to San Angelo and eventually gained employment at the local health club run by the hospital. I worked the front desk, led a few circuit training classes for an older clientele, subbed in on some post-natal fitness classes (kind of depressing because at this point I wasn’t pregnant and had already turned to fertility medications at the ripe age of 25), and worked some in the nursery (another hard job to handle). I felt stagnant in my training, my fitness life, and like the yoga was kind of a waste.

Then, one of the other officer’s wives hired me to be her trainer (kind of in secret from the club). We started working out together and this included yoga. I started taking a yoga class at the club myself, although not very regularly. And by the time I left Texas in March 2006, I felt confident enough to list yoga as one of my skills on my resume……boy was I in for a rude awakening in the years to come!

Thanks Amanda for the link-up!


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