Tone It Up Tuesday #22 – Run Update

I had planned this post ahead of time to talk about breaking the 5K mark in my running, but Sunday I started to get sick. You know, that achy in the head and neck kind that makes it hard to swallow or turn your head and then you turn into the most evil version of yourself and hate everyone? Yeah, that was me yesterday. So, I didn’t go for my regularly scheduled run. Now it is Tuesday and it’s rainy and I am still living off of ibuprofen to keep me in check as I recover from what should be a short lived illness.

I read a post this weekend from The Cookie Crunchicles about the use of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs while you workout/run. The information in there isn’t new to me or mind altering, but it was a good reminder that I need to take it easy sometimes when I’m ill. I debated hitting the jump rope today, but I feel like my teaching twice today and prepping for classes tomorrow will be enough in my current state. I mean, I’m not on my death bed, but I’m not 100% either.

My 3.14 mile course is 2 down and 1 to go at under 9:00/mile and I’m starting to change up my runs. Check out my progress for now at my MapMyRun page. Next course I will be tackling is 3.68 miles to keep with my 10% rule and keep progressing toward my run goals for this year. I’ll have a better grasp on my training when I get through this fog of aches and pains.

Here’s hoping to be back on the pavement again tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Tone It Up Tuesday #22 – Run Update

    1. Thank you! Teaching yoga last night helped enough to get out and run this morning….after sleeping in an extra hour. Now I’m about to teach my 6 hour stretch today and hopefully feel on top of the world by the time it’s over!


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