Tone It Up Tuesday #23 – Back Up Plans

Last week I was hit with another illness. And over and over again I remind myself that this is something temporary and I will get through. I also remind myself not to run when the illness involves anything sinus, respiratory, or otherwise makes me feel weak. Well, I should probably just say that running when you’re sick of any sort will probably make you feel weak and your body needs time to heal.

So, earlier this year I talked about my rainy day back up plan because I hate (well dislike) running in the rain. I plan to use the jump rope in the garage. This also works for days when it’s too cold to run or when I just don’t have that much time. The problem with this back up plan for illness is that it would cause me to raise my heart rate so high that I would probably choke to death on phlegm or start a massive coughing fit that would only be remedied by death. Not liking either option, so jump rope has been out this week.

I also have used the method, in the past, of a HIIT workout. Again….not great for the participant currently suffering allergies and other upper respiratory symptoms. I feel like I’m hitting a wall here….

Last week I had additional scheduling conflicts which didn’t leave my usual training days as open as I would have liked, so while I snuck a run in on Wednesday morning (bad idea in the long run), I have only really run once in the last week and a half. Scheduling conflicts need their own set of back up plans. Like, what can I do at home if I can’t make it to the gym? Or can’t afford a gym? Or have my kids around?

I have tried to maintain the movement I crave during this time by continuing to teach yoga (although modified), but not overexert myself by practicing at home; still doing my glute exercises; and taking walks. My first one was last Thursday and the little guy and I are about to head out on one again today.

Walking doesn’t tax me as hard as running, HIIT, jumping, or even cycling does. It gives me a chance to work on my aerobic endurance at a lower level and stay safe in my healing. I fully realize that this is not the same for everyone and I encourage you to consider what your body needs when you are ill. We should never push ourselves into further illness or injury. (Check out this article on blood donation and performance.) Anytime you are health compromised, consider your options, back off a bit, and do what makes you feel like you’re getting well. Your training goals will still be there when you get back!

Is anyone else having the stellar year of allergies that we are?

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