12 Years of Yoga: The past two years

This is the final installment of my series this month. Come back tomorrow to find out what I’ve been up to and what May will hold.

I started teaching yoga at CFCC in Fall 2014 and I was back to my old ways of holding my students to the strictest of standards. It made my yoga teaching very rigid and hard work. Luckily for me, there was an error in the course schedule and I couldn’t teach over the spring semester 2015. During that semester I started teaching for the City of Wilmington and I was nervous. It was a regular practice that I didn’t currently have. It wasn’t just once a week and these people needed modifications and variety in their practice. I needed this sort of change to my teaching, a regular connection with people I would see each week and whose grade did not depend upon my instruction, but instead their improvement and enjoyment….their yoga health.

I taught online for CFCC that summer as well, but not the yoga course. I again felt disconnected and decided to  approach the Fall 2015 semester differently. It was one of the best decisions in regards to yoga I’ve ever made. I immersed myself in reading yoga books for fun and information, not for writing and study. I gave myself back to the practice myself. I let myself enjoy teaching and connecting with my students and I found my love for yoga grow deeper and deeper each week. I got excited for the prospect of Spring 2016 teaching and this semester has been one of the best yet!

My students have saved me and my teaching career. My students at the City and my students at CFCC bring me different things each week that make my yoga practice deeper in many ways. I am now truly living my yoga while teaching it, instead of teaching it and attempting to live.

Over the last two years something else has helped my yoga grow and evolve…..this blog. Each time I sit down to write and consider my practice, my life, my fitness, my yoga I feel a deeper connection to something bigger than myself. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means unity and the path of yoga is a path to enlightenment….to a connection to something larger than yourself whether that be the ideal of all humankind or some kind of deity. For me that feeling of being one speck in the good of all humanity gets closer and closer to a reality each time I write, each time I practice, each time I meditate, consider yoga, consider life, read, and teach.

While I do not have a lot of followers on this blog and rarely do I have commenters, I feel like putting my yoga out there to the big world allows me to share in something bigger than myself. It allows me to connect to whomever stops by and chooses to read. Teaching allows me to impact others and to reach them on a different level of connection. We find similarities in our beliefs, in ourselves as human beings, and in the good in the world around us. My yoga journey doesn’t end here on this last day of April…it continues tonight and into tomorrow. It continues daily when I choose to do for others, to do for myself, to take care of myself and the world around me, to connect instead of turn away, to have compassion and understanding, to have patience and to learn. My yoga journey continues as I push my body and myself to do the most and best that it/I can.

My yoga is a practice in life and life is my practice.

Thank you for sharing in this journey….Namaste



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