Tone It Up Tuesday #24 – More Sets, Plyos, and Arms

Last week was terrible for me and my running….. I took too many days off and too many 1.5 hour naps. Something was keeping me down. So, Saturday I took to the road and pushed through the best that I could. The weather is getting warmer here and I realized that I’m not so much a hot weather exerciser as I once was. So, I’m going to have to go back to the early morning stuff of my winter runs. Saturday’s run was my 3.14 mile course which I still need one more try at under 9:00/mile before moving on. It was hot and my legs didn’t feel right. After 20 minutes I walked for 2 minutes and finished the rest with a 9:16/mile pace in total.

Monday I was back at it and did intervals which I had to talk myself through. Then, it was back to the exercises. Last week I had finished my first 6 weeks of glute work and this week I added more sets, plyos, and arms. Here’s the plan for the next 6 weeks of training:

Running: M, W, F, Sa runs progressing up to over 4 miles and hopefully beyond. Mondays will be interval days of which I am at total of 5 intervals (approx 1/5 mile) and a total distance of 2.2 mi. Wednesdays and Fridays will be the planned progressive runs trying to improve distance at under 9:00/mile. Saturdays will be a free for all. Sometimes it may be a short run, sometimes long and not for time, and other Saturdays will be cross training with a bike ride.

Body weight exercises: M, W, F continuing with the glute exercises from before, but more sets and added plyos.

bridgeOn the ground: Bridges x 15, Left leg bridges x 15, Right leg bridges x 15, Bridges x 15, Left leg clams x 15 (plus a set of lifting to the left leg), Right leg clams x 15 (plus a set of lifting to the right leg), Bridges x 15



squatStanding Up: Squats x 15, Right leg squats x 15, Left leg squats x 15, Wide squats x 15, Right leg step ups x 15, Left leg step ups x 15, Squat jumps x 15





Uppers: Modified push-ups x 15

mod push up
Note the alignment here. Ears, shoulders, hips, and knees at the starting position and holding the body all the way through.

Yoga: Teaching Tu, Th and later this summer I will be adding; a yoga flow to the mix

I haven’t gotten to the point where I can add in the swimming component that I’d like to, but it’s coming this summer.

What does your next 6 week training block entail?

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