Tone It Up Tuesday #26 – Why Numbers Matter Part One

Sometimes a number is just a number and there are a lot of people avoiding looking at their weight because of the number. I feel like this is so counterproductive to a lot of people’s training goals. I wrote earlier this year about my love for the scale, but there are a whole host of other ways to measure your body and what it’s made of. So, the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend I asked another trainer to measure me and give me some numbers. Here’s what I got:

Body Circumference Measurements:

Body Fat Percentage Calculated from 3 Skinfold Sites:

So, what do these numbers tell me? Well, they tell me that my body is pretty well balanced from left to right except for my right leg being slightly larger. I’m also right side dominant and I’ve been working on that. My waist (the narrowest part of my body between the bottom of the breast bone and the belly button) is a full 10 inches smaller around than my hips. This means I’m at a lot less likely risk of suffering from heart disease because I am more “pear shaped” or carry gynoid obesity vs. abdominal, apple shaped, or android obesity. (Nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk!)

And I’m in the average category for body fat percentage which means that I’m not at an unhealthy amount, but there’s always room for improving the composition of my body. I don’t know how much I currently weigh, although I was weighed at the doctor’s office recently….I was too distracted by the youngest to look at the number. If I were concerned with losing weight I could easily pick a “better” body composition and figure out how much to convert and/or lose in combination to improve. For right now, with what I do and my lifestyle and goals, I’m okay with what I see.

These numbers do impact my training a variety of ways. The more weight, and specifically more fat weight, I carry; the harder it is to be faster on the runs and bikes I do. The more balanced my body, the better I will perform at certain activities like yoga. So, I take these numbers as a benchmark….a place in time…..a check in with where I’m at on my fitness track. I don’t let them consume me and I don’t let them dictate anything. But I can use them to set more SMART goals if I choose.

I also recently received the numbers from a health scan for our health insurance. Come back tomorrow to learn more about CVD Risk and how those numbers matter.


What numbers do matter to you and which ones do you discard?