The First Training Run

Yesterday I felt like it would be best for me to have a goal of how far I am going to run in training for this 15K race in September. I still haven’t registered for the race, but I have a little more support behind me now. My husband is getting me up 3x/week to run. Not with him, but to make sure I get out the door. I was supposed to start this on Monday, but it was pouring down rain and lightning.

So, yesterday (the in-between day) I started to mentally prepare a new route that takes me away from my regular routes. Someplace I can take baby steps toward accomplishing the full 9 mile+ distance. Today I went out for a run…1.5 miles. Not that far and I’ve gone back up in pace, but I did it.

I’m going to go a little further each time and not focus on the pace at this point. That all went out the window last month and now I need to focus solely on increasing my distance progressively. I’m battling a knee thing and I’ll talk more about that each day too.

Because I’ve been away from this for so long and have felt really lost in all my goals, I’m trying to take 5-10 minutes each day to write something. Something about the way I’m feeling, the way my training is going, the travels and work that I’m doing. Just something.

So, today I ran. It was 1.5 miles and it was humid. I didn’t have to walk and my knee didn’t hurt. I stretched a lot afterward and then I mapped this course to work up to in preparation for this race. Want to run with me?

the big training run


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