Yoga Is My Savior

Throughout this period of feeling a little off, yoga has been my saving grace. Here are a list (in true TOLT style) of ways in which yoga is keeping me together.

  1. When all else fails, I still have to go to work and Yoga. Yoga is my work and when I’m not doing any other fitness training, I’m still going in and teaching each week. It gives the gift of fitness to my students, but also forces me to practice.
  2. Yoga has kept me in the game. Since moving to Wilmington in 2011 I’ve mostly had yoga jobs. This is crazy in a sense because yoga is not where I started in the fitness industry and is not even the thing I am best at, but it’s kept me working and kept me connected to fitness.
  3. Yoga makes me read. I’m reading a book right now entitled Yoga for Business that I’m not really enjoying, but is for a project I’m working on with NETA. Many of my NETA projects and my work at CFCC have kept me reading on the topic of yoga and that has kept me reading in general. There was a period of time after I moved in with my husband that I wasn’t reading because it used to be a before bed practice for me pre-kids. Then that time was reallocated to be spent with my husband and I lost my reading time. Now it’s back at a newly scheduled interval, and not just for work.
  4. Yoga reminds me…..I could finish this sentence in a few different ways. Yoga reminds me to be present in the moment and not always worry about the future or regret the past. Yoga reminds me to enjoy time with my kids and helps me to cultivate patience for the way kids are. Yoga allows me time to think during meditation and to take a new perspective on life each time I leave the mat. Yoga reminds me to take care of myself: mind, body, and soul. Yoga reminds me that we are all one and all share something inside of us that is innately human.
  5. And…..lastly……yoga connects me. It connects me to new people, new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and also to myself, my family, and my friends. It’s a gift I give myself each day that I get on the mat or sit down and breathe or close my eyes and meditate. It’s a gift I give my students weekly and it’s a good chunk of the reason I started writing this blog. Yoga has connected me to a few new spaces online and  for that I am grateful.

Yoga is saving me during this down time in my life……

I taught a class this morning and because of that experience I open my eyes more fully to greet the day ahead.



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