The Ups and Downs of Flashingback

I didn’t write a post for yesterday mostly because I was having a great weekend. I spent time with my family, worked in the yard, went shopping for a new plant, and cooked chicken pot pie (including crusts) from scratch. I wasn’t feeling down at all…..well, mostly.


One of the things I love about (non sponsored post) is that I can track my progress. In the last few weeks, that hasn’t been much at all, but Sunday I got my weekly workout email.Weekly WorkoutThis week I conquered a total of 4 miles in 2 workouts at less than 10 minutes per mile. That made me feel pretty killer! I was back at it….something more than yoga was getting done this past week and it wasn’t a fluke where one day I squeezed in a run and did nothing else all week. I don’t particularly care about the calorie counts on this or the rest of my workouts because MapMyRun doesn’t actually know enough about me to measure this statistic. Plus, check out this report from the NBC Nightly News.


Then I received another email from MapMyRun…..a Fitness flashback

4 years ago, on the same day, I crushed an incredible 6 mile walk. So, then my 4 miles total for the week seemed a little lacking…… But, then I started thinking about what my life was like 4 years ago on Sunday. We lived in a tiny rental house. We were a family of 3 and not even yet expecting the little one. I hardly worked at all and had most of my day free to do things like take a 6 mile walk with my little one.

So, while my Sunday may have had its ups and downs….overall I had a great weekend and was happy with my fitness at this moment in time. No need to compare it to the past.

Happy Monday to you all!

How do you track your fitness?

Do you like to flashback?

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